Vinyl's not just for records says 8 Signs of Croydon!
6th June 2017
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One thing's for sure, vinyl has definitely made a comeback over recent times... but for 8 Signs it's never gone away!

Of course we don't mean vinyl records, but rather the very nifty printed vinyl that can provide you with the perfect way to advertise your business. If you need vinyl stickers, letters, numbers, colourful clipart and digital pictures then 8 Signs are on hand to help. They can produce exactly what you need in many shapes, colours and sizes - tailored to suit your needs. 

Craig has seen it all - from requests for 100 company logos for site helmets to no smoking stickers, from numerals to change prices on restaurant menu boards to a vinyl character for an A-board.

Some fab ideas that Craig has already provided to his clients include:

  • Vinyl graphics placed on interior walls that create a real statement feature
  • Full-colour, digital-printed vinyl for a takeaway business that was applied to the drinks fridge. Fully branded so it really made the business (and fridge!) stand out
  • Adding a header to an existing A frame chalk board. It helps increase the branding and awareness of a business for very little additional cost
  • Applying a vinyl menu selection to a back wall in a cafe. The style of the menu can be fully tailored in terms of colour, font style and overall look
  • Vinyl is a great solution if you don't want to fully wallpaper a wall. You can add your own pop of decorations to liven things up , just like Craig's hairdresser client did between their mirrors.
Opting for vinyl has a whole host of benefits too.
  • Vinyl is weather proof, which means it's perfect if you're looking to use it outdoors.
  • They have a long life span too. The weather proof nature of them means they generally last longer so they really are a value for money choice.
  • You'd struggle to get a material that's more flexible. Printing on vinyl is a breeze and cutting it to the desired shape is easy too. It really does cut the mustard when it comes to functionality.
So give 8 Signs a call on 020 8680 0078 for all your vinyl needs!
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