Using the logical reasoning test for right hiring
7th August 2018
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 The focus of the logical reasoning test is to assess the ability of the person’s skills on how the interpreting relationships or patterns amongst the shapes can hamper things. There are so many things with such test in common with that off diagrammatic, abstract and even the inductive reasoning test. Such type of test along with the above-mentioned ones comes with the test package for all which is usually shaped by the subject matter expert. However, if the logical reasoning test is your keen interest and you want to know what the right way is by which you can analyze the candidate then certainly you are on the right page.

Understanding the concept of logical reasoning test:

The focus of the ability tests is typically a part of the selection process or the development which is usually made within the workplace. As a part of the hiring process, conducting logical reasoning test entirely makes sense since it is one effective pre-screening or you can say the most commonly used aptitude test which comes along with the application of the job. The test is basically a standardized doormat of the psychometric test that offers the employers with the accurate information about the general problem-solving skill that a candidate has got. It usually does not have to be assessed with the verbal or numerical skills but there are some of the changes that can be used.

In short, this is one effective mode of test that assesses that ability of the candidate on how good they are at interpreting the patterns or the shapes relationships.

Things you need to know about logical reasoning:

If you notice the frequency of the test that is being used, don’t be surprised since such type of test is considered to be a better platform that helps in evaluating the candidates ability at the same time, their dedication and commitment for the job to which they are applying. This type of test can gauge the performance of the candidates and also improve the overall retention of the employee and thus makes the hiring decision of the organization a better and the improved one.

Of the of common ways for the employers to use such type of pre-screening test is by using it online with the proctored solution for better security. Ideally, the test takes the type of paper and ben but because of the advantages such as it saves valuable money and time, you can rest assured that such type of test is used on the frequent basis. To undertake this type of test, it is important to take the follow-up action soon after the employer shortlists the CV or call the candidate at the initial level of job application.

Generally, this type of test is used at the initial level to understand if the candidate is capable enough to get out of the comfort zone and perform or not. But if you are not really sure about the working pattern of such test then you are advised to speak with the subject matter expert on the same, know what all is covered in the particular package that includes the creation of the test and so on.

There are no hard and fast rules but only creating the test can be stressful since you need to research a lot on which could be the meaningful questions that you need to put. It is important that you actually focus on putting those questions that are quite similar to problems that most frequently arise in your routine working environment.


The test usually consists of the multiple choice questions which a candidate is expected to solve in a particular span of time. Since, it is administered under the stringent time line and the exam conditions are quiet selective, it is advised for the new employers who would be using such pattern to make sure that they first go though a good research on such assessment platform, understand what all questions in the multiple choice can be put and how much time will each question take to be solved so that you can put the generous time limit accordingly.

There are also many types of figures which are used some are even the grind. There are examples of figures such as squares, circles and even stars and triangles that you can use to understand the pattern which is used in a particular grind. You can out the pattern to be used in particular grind, counter clockwise or clockwise

Understanding the benefits that you get from the test:

The main purpose of conducting such type of pre-screening test is to first understand the capability of the candidates, secondly to understand if the money is well utilised in hiring and thirdly, you get a clear viewpoint on whether the details in the CV which the candidate you have shortlisted has pout correctly or not.

It is always good to speak with other companies or the recruiting managers that have used such pattern of exam for hiring the potential candidates and get their viewpoint about it. If they give you a green signal on using it for better assessment then trying it out on your new set of hiring can be certainly worth. So make the best use of such effective assessment programs and see the difference that you get in terms of the results and the competition that you might not have noticed earlier.

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