Transforming your Home with Electric Shutters- Affordable Home Improvement Solutions
25th November 2018
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Electric shutters are a great addition to any type of home as they provide privacy and security while still maintaining their aesthetic appeal. These types of shutters are designed to facilitate a rolling motion over windows with a very secure and close fit. They are usually made from metal, with aluminum and steel being the most commonly used.

Manual vs. Electric

Roller shutters can either be manually or electrically operated. Manual operation involves using a mechanism such as winders while electrical operation consists of automation that makes it possible to open and close at the touch of a button. Electric shutters can function by using solar power or an electrically powered motor.

Roller shutters are known for their solid designs that consist of the slats being joined close together. Alternatively, they can be opened with slats that are opened according to the level you desire. When shutters are opened, slimline casings that are known as cassettes serve the purpose of hiding them away. 


Electric roller shutters continue to be popular for a variety of reasons. Roller shutters create a solid barrier that protects the glass as well as occupants in the home from rain, wind, storms and bad weather conditions.

Sun and Heat

Electric shutters can make the interior of your home more comfortable by reflecting most of the heat away from widows before the heat has a chance to make its way into the home. Find out more at


One of the main reasons homeowners have for installing roller shutters is security. Electric shutters are amazingly strong and cannot be easily pulled away from the windows. This makes them an effective deterrent against potential robbers and intruders. They are also a visually deterring feature because intruders are likely to turn away when the see them.


Since the shutters fit securely against the window, they work well as barriers against noise. If you want more piece and quiet in your home or live next to a busy road, this is a great feature.


Roller shutters can be a worthwhile addition to your home in terms of an attractive element. They are available in a variety of colors and can be easily coordinated with the color of your fencing, window trims and gutters to create something that is fabulous and secure.


Electric shutters enable you to take control of your privacy. All you need to do is lower the shutters completely when you need total privacy and do not want anyone to look into the home.


Long-lasting and reliable electric roller shutters are ideal for anyone who wants a system that is easy to use and can be relied on by the whole family. Installing electric shutters allows you to conveniently and easily control your shutters by touching a button. This means you no longer have to wind your shutters manually and can focus on other essential household tasks.

Electric shutters are powered by electronic control systems that are connected to the main power supply of your home. You can easily adjust your shutters at the push of a button when you want to open or close them. Control panels or battery powered remotes can be used to control the shutters. 

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