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18th January 2020
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Binance Margin trading means taking money from a broker to buy stock. You can see it as a trading loan. You can buy more shares than you usually can with margin trading. There was a mistake. This is different from the typical cash account where you exchange with the money in your account.

So in this article, I will demonstrate to you about binance margin trading.



Open a margin trading account

Turn your mouse to the upper right of your account and turn your account icon after signing up for binance margin trading. Click on your email to join in your account dashboard when the dropdown begins. The two first characters in your email address will be different for each person.

If you are not aware of margin trading, you should be aware of it before you open your bank's binary margin trading account. We strongly advise you to be comfortable with binary margin trading.

Now you'll be in your dashboard. You may show your balance sheets from this tab. To start the start of your binary margin trading account, click "Margin" under "Balance Info. ' You need to check your identity (KYC) to ensure your country is not on your blacklist. You must also need 2FA.

Subsequently, a clear indication of binance margin trading risks will be presented. If you are prepared to proceed, please read it and press the ' open margin ' button.

Take the opportunity to read the margin account contract carefully. To know and agree to the Terms and Conditions, check the box and press, "I accept."

Binance margin trading the transition


When your margin account is enabled, you can transfer money from your standard binary wallet to the binary margin trading wallet by clicking ' Margin ' and ' Transference ' on the right of the page.

Choose the coin you want to pass away. In this case, we are going to use the BNB.

Please add the amount you want to shift and press ' Move confirm ' try entering your swap wallet.

Borrow funds


You can use these coins as collateral for borrowing money once you move BNB coins to your Margin Wallet bonds. You can borrow 4, and so when you have 1 BTC, you can borrow the majority of money to be lent according to the fixed price for your balance in the margin. From this example, we will borrow BTC 0.02.

You want to borrow a coin and the number after picking, click on ' Confirm borrowing.

Next, your Bitcoin is loaned to your trading account for conditional margins. You can now exchange the loaned funds while you have BTC 0.02 plus interest rates. The rate is adjusted every 1 hour. The currency pairs and their prices are available on the Margin Fee tab.

You can check the actual account margin status by visiting your ' Wallet Balance ' page and by selecting the ' Margin ' tab.

Level of margin trading


You can see the margin ratio on the right-hand side of the screen, which provides you with a level of risk based on the funds lent and the money you have on your account.

The level of risk differs depending on the fluctuation of the economy, and assets can be liquidated if prices vary from your expectations. Remember that if you are liquidated, you will be paid additional charges.

You can get a Margin Call if your binance margin level goes down to 1.3, which prompts you either to raise your collateral in the form of more funds deposited or to decrease your loan by refunding what you borrowed.

If the binance margin trading rate falls to 1.1, your savings will immediately be wired, and Binance sells the funds for the repayment of the loan at market prices.

If you want to see the USDT value, click on "USDT Benchmark" on the right. For more info on your current position, click the "Location."

Trade of Binance Margin Trading


If you need to use your loaned funds to trade, you are able to go to Exchange, pick the Margin and Binance Trading tab on daily limits, markets, end limits, and OCO orders.

Repay your debt


Select the "Repay" tab to sell your debt. Click "Borrow / Repay" The total amount payable shall be the percentage of the gross plus interest rate loaned. Before continuing, ensure that you have the balance required. Pick up the money and the amount you want to pay back once you have finished and press the "Confirm refund" button to refund it.

Switch button


A switch is placed on the margin panel next to your balance. You can switch from regular asset mode commands to margin line commands. If you have five BNB on your binance margin trading account, for example, you can sell a total of 15 BNB. Instead of the "Sell BNB" button; you have the option "Margin Purchase BNB."

So the program borrows 2 BNB remember that your real balance amounts to 5 BNB immediately if you agree "Margin Sale ' 7 BNB.

You will get the following confirmation message after you click on "Margin Sell BNB."

This means that when you open new positions, you can conveniently lease funds. The money you borrow, however, must be manually reimbursed.

Returning the money


When you want to switch your money back from the Wallet Binance Margin trading to your daily wallet, tap the switch button to change the direction of the move. Then pick the coin and the number and click on the ' Confirmation transfer ' button.

You can easily transfer your money from one wallet to another without additional charges. Nonetheless, note that if you borrow money, the risk will grow when your Margin Bond trading funds Wallet drop. Your money is likely to be liquidated because your level of danger is too great. To make sure you are dealing in binary margins just before use.



If you think BNB's price will rise, you can open BNB's long leverage. For that reason, you can transfer money to your Binance Margin trading Wallet first and borrows BTC. After that, you can purchase BNB with the BTC borrowed.


If the price of BNB increases in line with your expectations, it can sell its assets and refund BTC, together with the relevant profit. For that, any remaining exchange is reprehensible.




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