Top Tips to Plan a Trip to the Algarve for a Large Group
6th March 2019
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Planning a family vacation is hard enough. The process gets even more challenging when you have to plan a trip for a large group of people. If you are going to be traveling to the Algarve with a group, the following tips should make the planning process a lot easier.


When it comes to incredible destinations, few measure up to the Algarve. Not only is this area popular with families and honeymooners but it is also the ideal place to travel with a group. From family get-togethers to weddings, a number of large villas are available that are perfect for accommodating multiple guests. The golf courses in the Algarve are unmatched. Many of them are capable of hosting group events, making them the ideal option for groups of golfers. There is ample to keep the kids entertained such as water parks like slide and splash which is a great family day out. If you are travelling with a number of sports enthusiasts, consider looking for accommodation in the Golden Triangle. Not only does this area have amazing villas but it also offers a number of incredible sports facilities.


1. Make Your Reservation Well in Advance of Your Travel Dates


Although  SandyBlue has a lot of properties in the Algarve that are capable of accommodating groups, it is still important to make your reservation early. If you wait too long, the property that you want may already be taken. To ensure that you get your preferred place, call to book your space as soon as possible after you figure out your travel dates.


2. Decide Which Style of Accommodations are the Most Appropriate


Group accommodations come in a number of different forms, making it easy to find the ideal setup for your needs. For groups of up to 26 people, consider Villa Belmondo. The ultimate in luxury, this 13-bedroom villa is surrounded by two beautifully landscaped acres of land. Along with an outdoor pool with a slide, it also has a hot tub, a cinema room, and a gym, making it the ultimate getaway for large groups. Alternatively, Villa Royale, which is perched atop a cliff in West Algarve, can accommodate groups of as many as 18 people. This unique property is part of the estate of the royal family of Portugal. Along with its own private access to the nearby beach, the property also includes a housekeeper.


If your group requires more separation, the Varandas do Lago is a good choice. Located near Quinto do Lago, this luxurious property is made up of a number of different four-bedroom villas. Although these villas are located near one another, they each offer privacy.


If you are traveling with children, consider looking for a property with a large garden where kids can stretch their legs and play. Properties that are located close to the beach or that have a fenced pool are also good choices. Casa Segredo not only meets all of these specifications but also has a lot more to offer. If you are traveling to the area to experience the Algarve's famous nightlife, look for a property that is located close to local bars and restaurants. The Praça in Vale do Lobo resort is a great choice.


3. Put One Person in Charge


Keep things simple by putting one person from your group in charge of booking your trip. This person should be responsible for handling all of the communications. Make sure that they have all of the necessary information including the exact time and date when your group will arrive as well as how you plan on paying for the trip. If necessary, provide the person with key details such as the passport numbers of all of the guests. To keep all of the travellers informed, consider setting up a group on Facebook where updates can regularly be posted throughout the planning process.


4. Stock Your Villa with Food Ahead of Time


Traveling can be exhausting. By the time you arrive at your Villa, you most likely will be hungry or thirsty. SandyBlue properties offer a Welcome Pack that includes all of the essentials that you need during the earliest stages of your trip. To save time on your first day, avoid a trip to the supermarket by shopping for groceries online. Schedule a delivery time shortly after your arrival. In the Almancil area, Apolonia supermarket not only offers online shopping in English but also provides delivery service to local properties.


5. Come up with an Itinerary


The more organized you are, the more likely you are to have fun on your trip – particularly when traveling with a large group. If there are any restaurants that you want to try, consider making a reservation in advance. Otherwise, they may not be able to accommodate your group. Look for other activities that your group would enjoy. From going to a waterpark to chartering a boat, there are a ton of fun and interesting things to do in the area. If you enjoy sports like tennis, biking with an exercise bike, or running, we can not only help you find the equipment that you need but we can also let you know which routes are best.

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