Top 5 Niche Recruitment Tips
1st March 2019
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1. Be Very Precise with the Job Description


At the end of it all, the recruiter is the starting point in any niche position recruiting process. When it comes to the job description at hand, be sure to capture all the specific details. The candidate’s required skill set, experience and qualifications should all be listed down.

Niche specific candidates are looking for very specific jobs, so be sure to come up with a very precise description. For example, there has been a rise in the employment of interim specialists via company’s such as SSQ Legal. You are even free to use industry specific technical terms since you are looking for people who are looking to work in your field of operation. Anyone who doesn’t understand such terms is probably not suited to the job. 


2. Define Your Ideal Candidate


Candidates have similar traits when it comes to niche specific recruiting. Are you looking for creative minds or those who lean towards the technical side of things? You will be in a better position to customize the channels you choose to advertise the opening if you are familiar with the characteristics of a typical candidate in your field. Furthermore, this will help you look, both offline and online, for your suitable candidate where they usually spend their time.



3. Focus Your Search


You are definitely going to receive a large amount of applications if you advertise the position on one of the popular job boards. Brilliant job seekers who meet the job requirements will of course be among the applicants. Most of the applications however will be from inexperienced job seekers. Even if you decide to evaluate each application in a mere six seconds, it will take a huge amount of time to go through all of them. The question then becomes, is there a better way of advertising the position to qualified candidates?


Focusing your search for the perfect candidate might be the solution. Find a network or community whose members are interested in working in your field and advertise the opening there. This is the main purpose of networking, after all. You will have the best chance of finding the most qualified job seekers if you advertise the position on such networks. Chances are that these networks are widely known; career-focused and driven job seekers must have discovered them as well. This will help reduce the amount of effort and time you will spend on the sorting through applications.


4. Take Advantage of The Social Revolution


Your niche recruitment efforts can gain a lot from using social media. You are bound to find a good number of suitable candidates through social media, considering the fact that 66% of adults online use one or more social media platforms. On the basis of career objectives and interest, social media facilitates better self-selection. The same people and organizations in your industry are likely being followed by job seekers interested in the industry as well. It’s also likely that these candidates will be going to the same events and reading the same blogs. When it comes to finding connected candidates, tools such as Twitter chats are priceless. It’s reasonable to assume that such candidates will dedicate the same effort and time into their position as they do when it comes to establishing their industry specific networks.


5. Lay A Lot of Emphasis on Creativity


Creative minded candidates are considered to be the best ones. Think of it this way, candidates will be able to achieve success in their new position using imaginative and novel ways, just as they were able to when searching for a job. Instead of being held down by unyielding thought patterns, such job seekers will be highly driven.  From using video and infographic resumes, job applicants are using ground breaking ways to apply for open positions. You are likely to find a candidate who will be a creative problem solver at work, is one who sends in a video resume, for example. To demonstrate their zeal, job seekers are working their career niche into innovative solutions using novel ideas.

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