Top 10 Decor Trends to Watch Out For In 2021
22nd January 2021
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"As an architect, you design for the present, with an awareness of the past, for a future which is essentially unknown." - Norman Foster.


Just like fashion, the home decor industry also goes through an evolution. Sometimes it's new that makes the news, but most often, it is the old that comes back with more refinement and better imagination. Over the years, a lot has changed in this space. We have a mix of intricate detailing and simplistic presentation that makes space breathe and sing.

The biggest influencers that have pushed the interior design industry are technological innovations and cultural shifts. From aesthetics to minimalistic, the change has been drastic and, 2021 is undoubtedly going to present new interior design trends.

  1. 1.      Off-Beat Styles



Semi-luxurious designs with maximum liveable spaces will be in trend this decade. You will see a fine blend of versatile and lean furniture pieces, durable fabrics, and classy yet comfortable upholstery.


  1. 2.       Personalized




The awareness of design and aesthetics has grown significantly in the last decade. People understand the importance of design, and they do thorough research before they sign up for a look. Thus, this decade will be one-of-a-kind where homes would reflect the personality of the people living in them. Every individual has a unique taste, need, lifestyle, and nature - the new age homes will reflect the uniqueness and individuality of the people, rather than replicating the popular designs get more at Extratorrent2


  1. 3.      Uncluttered By Quality Choices




As personalized designs become a popular thing in the interior segment, the choice of investment will also dynamically shift from buying too many things to buying exotic pieces that are few but great in quality. We believe that stylish low-quality materials that are readily available at a lesser cost could soon be out of trend since durability is trending.


  1. 4.      Portable But Stylish



Portable has found a new meaning in the modern decor world. It is about ease-to-use, stylish fixtures. So, if you have very little space but want to be designed tastefully, then you can opt for foldable furniture, knotted lighting fixtures, non-wired lights, and a lot more. With the world becoming more populated and homes becoming smaller, portable fixtures will rule the next two decades.


  1. 5.      Indoor Plantation




The touch of green is going to remain in trend and will rather find a more prominent place inside the home. The awareness and availability of indoor plants will further boost this aspect and will make it a top choice for most designers. A unique collection of interior plants on shelves, tabletops, wall hangings, and side-spaces will bring more calmness and freshness to homes.


  1. 6.      Romance With Colours



Ultimate Gray, with a hue of a jewel, is going to be the color of 2021. Those who prefer saturated shades can opt for ochre, burgundy, and emerald. In places where temperatures remain high, shades of cool blues and classic blues could provide a refreshing feel to your home. For those who want to add a timeless feel to your home, go for a combination of chocolate brown and camel, and if you want to stay warm but play safe with colors, then a combination of lilac and spring green.


  1. 7.      Patterns



Believe it or not, geometry is in trend. From wallpapers, textile designs to tabletops, patterns add more depth to your home. A tasteful woolen rug with free-flowing shapes can set the mood for your living room. Sit out couches with geometrical patterns can pep up your little corner. Overall, a classy combination of prints in different styles and scales in rugs, pillow covers, and curtains will be seen throughout 2021.


  1. 8.      Decorative Smart Lighting



Just like bulbs got replaced by LEDs, the lighting industry has also evolved enormously. Retro lights would make a grand comeback this year; apart from that, smart lights connected to smart devices like Alexa and Google assistant would be the highlight of the season. Living up to the light design concepts, we might also see an innovative way of lighting spaces with light strips, sconces, and dimmer lights.


  1. 9.      Edible Garden



The millennials believe in utility more than design; they are the health-conscious generation who are born to create a change. 2020 has been a stay-at-home year, and most people have used this time to grow edible herbs and vegetables. In 2021, this trend will continue to flourish, thus adding the natural element of prosperity and richness to every sunny window.



  1. 10.  Space-Saving Furniture



The metro cities are constantly getting crowded and, the size of homes is also reducing significantly. Thus, to make the most of the available space, the concept of multi-functional flexible furniture was introduced. These chic decor items provide a rich blend of style and utility. The most popular foldable items are enfolding illuminated chairs, functional foldable ledges, foldable bookshelves, flipflop furniture, push back beds.


The Bottom line:

With the emergence of commercialization, the need for better home decor items has intensified. Today designers are creating destructive and path-breaking designs that change the entire landscape of the interior designing industry. From furniture to art decor, the need is to stand out and be unique. As exposure to the global market continues to grow, the design industry is sure to see some amazing yet innovative approaches that will make this decade eternal in the history of interiors.


Like everything else, the home decor also has evolved. Patterns, bold colors, concept lighting and, minimalism are the keywords that will rule the interior design industry in 2021 and beyond. A blend of design with utility, affordability, and comfort is what we will get to see in the coming years.

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