Shocked from Purley, by Charlotte of London
16th June 2011
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Shocked from Purley, by Charlie @ Charlotte of London


I've been checking the search engine phrases and terms being used to find us and beauty treatments and ........well quite frankly I'm shocked.

One of the search phrases used was " Spray Tanning for 16 month child ". What on earth are they thinking?

There's been a lot of press recently about the salon in Essex offering pamper parties for children of all ages and I'm wondering if the publicity that they've had, has prompted this search. In the last few months clothing retailers have stopped selling provocative clothing to young children which I believe to be a good thing. But where does it all end.

There are circumstances where it may be acceptable for a treatment to be given to a teenager under the age of 16, something like facial hair that may be causing embarrassment .

But this can be treated quitely and without fuss. When I was a child growing up, I got to use some of mums make up and her clothes.

Sometimes with her permission and sometimes without. But it was all done in the confines of our own home and it was done in play. I'm sure some celeb's have been pampering their children for years and believe this to be normal. There's a very fine line here.

I just hope that the good people of Essex don't lose their way and cross it. 


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