Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding
22nd March 2019
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There’s nothing more romantic than a destination wedding. Walking along golden sand of the Caribbean with your partner seems like the best way to start your happily ever after. Having all your friends and loved ones together in paradise while you say “I do” is a magical experience you’ll cherish forever.


With so many couples planning destination weddings, it’s more important than ever to learn the best tips to avoid making any mistakes. Though exciting, it’s a bit stressful to plan such a large event in another part of the world. Whether you’re getting married in Punta Cana or Santo Domingo, make sure you keep these tips in mind.

 1. Visit Early in the Planning Process

First, you’ll want to plan a preliminary trip to your destination-of-choice. In the Dominican Republic especially, everywhere is different. No two parts of the country are alike, and it’s hard to get a feel for a place without experiencing it for yourself. It’s much easier to commit to a venue or location when you’re actually there feeling that island breeze.


Consider this first trip a “scouting trip.” Do some research into prospective venues and maybe meet with some of your vendors if you have time. You can make these appointments in advance. Having the experience of seeing these places for yourself will make it so much easier to make this big decision.

2. Narrow Your Guest List

While a wedding in your hometown might mean you can invite everyone and their cousin, that’s not the case with destination weddings. You’ll want to really spend time on your guest list, and start this process as early as possible. As soon as you’ve narrowed this list to the essentials, send your save the dates ASAP. It’s a good idea to send these notices up to a year before the event so your guests have time to prepare.


You can send your formal invitations 3-5 months out, but make sure people have time to make travel accommodations and arrangements. Remember they’ll likely need to take off work and plan their travel. The more time they have, the more likely they’ll be able to make it to your destination wedding and the more affordable the trip will be.

3. Keep Your Decor Simple

Your destination is gorgeous enough as it is. You can probably leave the over-the-top decorations behind. Let the surroundings speak for themselves. One of the perks of getting married in the Dominican Republic is that there is so much stunning nature and architecture. No matter where you choose, you don’t need to worry about designing anything fancy. The landscape does that on its own. Cutting down on decor and florals will help keep the budget lower as well.

4. Make Travel Suggestions

Your guests likely don’t have the time to scour travel websites looking for the best deals closest to your wedding. Finding flights, hotels, and other travel arrangements takes time. Include a list of suggested accommodations to go along with your save the date notice. If you’d prefer all of your guests to stay in the same hotel, book a block of rooms in advance to make sure there’s enough room for your entire party.


When providing suggestions, don’t go over the top. Be reasonable with the budgets, and suggest a few different options for travelers who might not be able to afford a 5-star resort. You can’t predict how your guests like to travel, so give them the freedom to decide for themselves.

 5. Dress for the Weather

Finally, pay attention to your wedding dress style. If you’re getting married in the Dominican Republic, prepare for tropical weather. Heavy materials and embellishments will lead to overheating very fast on a humid day. For a bride who wants to keep it simple, you can’t go wrong with an understated wedding gown. You’ll also want to keep the weather in mind for your bridesmaids and groom. Everyone wants to feel comfortable on this big day.


A destination wedding is something to celebrate. You’re creating a memory not only for yourself but also for your guests. Since you want everything to be perfect when you say “I do,” make sure you follow these 5 tips above. Your happily ever after awaits.


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