Three Cheers for beauty salons, by Charlotte of London
12th July 2011
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Three Cheers for Beauty Salons! by Charlotte of London


An article appeared in one of the daily papers a week or so ago about the vast profits that the beauty industry makes and whether or not the general public are being "ripped off".

The article was an expose of an ex beauty salon/spa owner who was revealing all about the industry and how perhaps you would be better off using one of the many Do it Yourself kits available. I haven't got a problem with making a profit ( I haven't seen any yet but I'm working on it) and I don't have a problem with do it yourself kits either, but I thought I would share my reasons for using a salon with you.

I don't know about you, but the last time I used a DIY kit I managed to get it everywhere. A few years ago I decided to dye my hair and to this day there is still a stain on the hallway carpet and on the bathroom chair. Never again! I've heard many horror stories of wax pots being knocked over ruining carpets, tanning lotions on towels, clothing and furniture. It's different in the salon because in the salon you're in a controlled environment.

What about the stress levels? You buy the kit, for what ever treatment it may be for, having no experience in how to use it and then the doubt sets in. Do I have all the essentials? How do I use it? How long will it take? What if I get it wrong? And that's before you read all the warning signs on the packaging. Why do we do this? 

Well maybe because it's the cheaper option. But is it really cheaper? When you take in to account the cost of the kit, the damage that you can cause with it and the mess you have to clean up afterwards seeing a professional would seem to be the sensible option. Think of it this way. Many treatments cost less than your average large pizza.

An appointment at your salon can also be a form of escape. A break from your normal routine. It's one of those places that you can turn off your phone and be cut off from the world outside, even if its just for half an hour. It's also a chance to talk in confidence to a trained professional. An expert who can answer your questions and help you resolve any problems you may have. And best of all it's FREE.    

So lets recap. By using a salon you are in a controlled environment which means no mess or damage for you to deal with. You will be looked after by trained professionals who have expert knowledge on all the products being used. You'll also find that your treatment will take half the time and in some cases be less painful. Finally, you will have access to your own professional beauty therapist who you can call on and discuss any problems with, when ever necessary.  

Hooray for the salon! I feel better now I've got that of my chest.

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