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29th December 2009
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Oh, crikey it's that time again. When I'm guilted into making New Year's Resolutions I have no intention of keeping, and usually don't share with anyone else (mainly to save face when I do exactly that).

Okay so what am I going to pledge this year? Another unrealistic set of vows I either haven't the time or the will power to entertain after January (February if I'm lucky)?

No actually, this year I'm going to be good. I'm going to be more Local.
I'm going all Victorian on your behinds and I'm going to make things, visit things and eat things LOCAL.

I concede there will have to be the odd internet purchase and an element of supermarket shopping as with a new mortgage I will be officially skint for several years to come, but I will within realistic bounds try to feed the local economy more.

I shall treat myself more to eating out - it's not fun being Under-Affluent so one has to cheer oneself up somehow doesn't one, and I'm not a shoes kind of girl. Aqua on South End is a fabulous treat for the tastebuds, and I also intend to work my way through most if not all of the establishments listed on our Food and Drink pages.

As much as possible I plan to actually go into shops to buy things I need - get a little personal interaction, rather than develop such a strong relationship with my keyboard (I'm sorry my tippy-tap friend).

An I intend to explore Croydon more, take part in local events and visit local tourist spots - I take what's on my own doorstep for granted; must try harder. By that token I will keep a regular eye on our Croydon Events Page here at The Best Of Croydon, and of course I'll need feedback and suggestions via this blog. Help me stay local - Croydon, my Resolutions depend on you!


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