The Way Forward - by Vivian Slattery of Monetary Solutions
25th August 2011
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The way forward - by Vivian Slattery of Monetary Solutions


Recent events changed Croydon forever.  On reflection it is hard to make sense of it.  We saw our history going up in smoke in minutes. The picture of the lady jumping from above the shop I am sure will became an iconic one for generations to come.  The Reeves family watching their business burnt to a cinder, the man charged with the offence living in the neighborhood, many other fires and businesses being robbed of all their goods, what is the sense of any of it?


Every Croydon resident has a story to tell, some major, others like mine, minor, but most of us have been affected.  The question is  where do we go from here? 


Personally I feel we should take a lead from the Reeves family, with whom I had the honour to talk  last week. They showed strength and determination, together with true British spirit that the show must go on.


This is why I am inviting you to come and participate in two upcoming Croydon events.  The first is on the 15th September, the Brick by Brick event,   coordinated by Maud Alleyne, director of the Best of Croydon. The cost is £25 per person and includes drink and a buffet and will be held at Airport House, Purley Way  All profits will be donated to “Croydon Together”, the charity set up to help business owners and residents of Croydon who have been affected by the recent riots and events. To support this event and for full details, please go to


The second event is the “We Mean Business” exhibition on the 3rd November. This is organised by the Federation of Small Businesses and is the largest and most successful business exhibition and showcase to be held in Croydon.  This will be the third annual free all-day event which helps many small local Croydon businesses to meet, network and conduct business with each other, a vital ingredient for any local business to thrive. For full details of this event go to


I feel it would be great to give the recent events a little bit of purpose and for businesses to unite to make Croydon a better and safer place, not just for us but also for our children.


Here's to a Croydon we can be proud of.                                                                                                


Vivian Slattery                                                                               Committee member FSB                                                                     Director Monetary Solutions



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