The signs are all good with 8 Signs!
14th August 2017
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When it comes to signage, 8 Signs don't believe in doing things by halves.

Of course they do the standard things that signage companies do. They design and create brilliant banners, fantastic fascias for shops, amazing A boards and vinyl... you name it, they do it!
And owner Craig Barker is a genuinely nice guy. He listens to his customers and comes up with creative concepts that meet their needs. 
It's that exceptional creativity that we're going to focus on - and Craig has it in spades!
You only need to follow his instagram feed to see just how impressive his recent work is. I was particularly impressed with his solution for a customer who had one of those features that can be annoying: an internal window. Craig's solution? Turn it into your favourite view by using vinyl! I know the thought of looking at a stunning beach would be much more appealing to me than a window with zero view!
Another of my favourites is how 8 Signs make use of light to create signage that really stands out - it's a sure way to get yourself noticed. I love the number 8 lighting the way and I'm especially impressed with how good the halo illuminated 3D letters look.
The sky is the limit it seems when it comes to vinyl wall stickers. Instead of covering a wall in new paint or having to go through the rigmarole of applying wallpaper, you really can create a total transformation using wall stickers. And with 8 Signs involved, you don't need to just choose what's out there on the commercial market. You could either get Craig to design something for you, or you could use something you already have and love to turn into those stickers. It's incredibly flexible and will create a fabulous feature wall.
If you have some ideas, or you're stuck for ideas and could do with some inspiration, you can't go wrong giving Craig at 8 Signs a call. He'll listen to your suggestions and come up with something that we know will blow you away. 
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