The Reality of a Virtual World
14th September 2009
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You know, I'm amazed there are weekly reports of overcrowding on trains when no-one seems to go into an office to work anymore!

Nowadays more and more people work from home, meetings are held online or by tele-conference, we instant email instead of write by snail-mail, we call, we can access company information instantly from their website rather than have to visit... in fact, how many small-to-medium businesses actually operate out of the owner's home, yet their website implies a dedicated workplace and queue of staff waiting to give you a foot-rub?

I'm also a photographer as well as juggler of words, and have always encouraged my clients to have some kind of personal imagery on their websites to help prospective clients identify with them. To that end however, I also appreciate the versatility of our current commercial technological achievements, and love a spot of anonimity in a virtual world!

No Croydon company understands commercial virtuality more than Kendlebell. It's this kind of company that supply and advise on technical advancements my grandparents would have gawped at.

Lately, if you want to work from home, or literally anywhere else for that matter, the next generation of computing - Cloud Computing - means you can access everything you need from a centrally hosted site, giving increased felxibility, security, and above all professionalism.

Marketing has taken a new leap forward with video streaming, bringing the message home more effectively than relying on the written word. And many small-to-medium businesses use telephone answering services rather than employ a dedicated person to take their calls. It's a cost effective, consistent and professional way to greet your customers when you're out of the office (which as we've already established, doesn't really exist!)


Personally, I love working from home. The cats don't care if I'm still in my pj's mid-morning, and I save on buying cakes for everyone on my bithday.

Who knows, in a few months time, I may well have to reveal my superhero secret identity as you'll all be able to see me deliver my blog posts via video streaming.

Perish the thought.


Yours, Katrina

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