The Orpheus Centre is a truly inspiring place and if you haven't visited - you should!
12th May 2010
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Please show your support to an amazing, local charity - The Orpheus Centre in Godstone.


A team of local business people are running 10k soon in support of the Centre.


Leading them is thebestof Croydon's member, Charlotte Barton from CBA Consulting.


Please take a few minutes to read about some of the amazing work the centre does and if you can, please donate any amount towards this amazing cause.


A message from Charlotte Barton -


The Orpheus Centre was founded in 1998 by the entertainer and musician Richard Stilgoe in his former family home in Godstone.

The centre promotes transition into independent living; providing opportunities for young disabled adults to promote personal development through performing arts to enable them to gain the skills to live independently in the community and to make informed choices about their futures. 

Students are young disabled adults who want to direct their future and live independently.  They live and learn at the centre, taking part in performances at the centre and across the UK, including the Royal Opera House on 28th May and a weeks' residence at the Yvonne Arnaud theatre in Guildford from 20th - 24th July, performing ' Orpheus - The Mythical - written and directed by Richard Stilgoe.  


The Orpheus Centre is a truly inspiring place and if you haven't visited - you should! 


There are lots of young people in the country who would hugely benefit from being at the centre.  Young disabled people, who may otherwise be at home with their parents, living in a nursing home or getting lost in a mainstream college. 


The Orpheus Centre gives young people the confidence and skills necessary to go on and make a difference to their future.    The Centre wants to work with more and more young people, however funding is a real issue.  The performing arts programme is underfunded and this is where they really make a difference to peoples' lives.   


They are looking to build a bursary fund to enable students, who would otherwise be unable, to attend the centre.  All money raised from your sponsorship will go towards the excellent work that the centre does. 


YOu can visit their website at or look them up on You Tube to see some of the work and a DVD giving you an insight into the centre.   Thank you so much for your support and thank you to this lovely team of friends who have been persuaded (some under the influence of alcohol!) to run with me.  We are part of a team of hopefully 30 people who are running in the Asics 10k for the centre.


Please sponsor us by clicking here!


Thank you


Charlotte Barton


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