The need for using good quality protective gear while performing motorcycle stunts
30th October 2018
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Bike stunts are well known. Most people think that it is a way of showing off a daredevil nature. But in reality just like any other form of talent stunt performance on motor vehicles is a form of passion which has tobe professionally practiced for years before it achieves perfection. There is no harm in doing stunts as long as safety protocols are in place. It is true that bike racing and stunt performance are considered dangerous by many but the level of danger is controllable,and if the biker is professional then there will be no problem.

The charm of stunts performed by bikers

Performing stunts is ahuge deal,and everyone is not equipped with the expertise to perform such stunts in a suitablemanner,so itis better to practice well before trying out the stunts in public. The stunts cannot be performed by all,but most people like to enjoy viewing such stunts as they appear as thrilling. However, the risk factor should always be measured by the bikers before performing the stunt. Thepeopleenjoying the stunts should be at a safe distance so that any untoward accidents cause no harm. If the bikers are driving the bike along with riders seated on the back seat, then itis the responsibility of the biker to ensure that the rider is not injured in any manner. The rider should also wear protective gear along with the biker. Feeling the thrill of stunt performances is a great thing however amateurish risks should always be avoided as these will only bring harm to self and others.

The useful features of bike helmets present for stunt bikers and racers

As a professional bike stunt performer, it is imperative to invest in good quality gears. It is true that with loadsof practice the bike stunts are perfected,but that does not mean that one should do away with protective components. As a bikerone should have jackets, pants, gloves,and shoes suitable for speeding along long dusty roads. However, the most important thing is the helmet. There are differentkinds of helmets available in the market,but all are not the same. Obviously, there is a difference in size,but there is also a marked difference when it comes to features. Helmets that are most commonly used by stunt performers are termed as dirt bike helmets. These helmets have additional protective covering and more useful features that aresuitable for stunt bike riders. While selecting a helmet for long rides and racing the below-mentioned features should be checked:

  • The fitting of the helmet:

Finding a snug helmet is essential otherwise all the useful features present in it will be useless. As a biker one should try out the helmets and see which one fits better.The helmet ought to be snug but should not be too tight as that will have a compressing effect which won’t be suitable for the person. Therefore, different helmetsshould be tried out,and the correct size shouldbe chosen.

  • The features of the helmet:

In today’s world as bike riding and number of stunt performers have increased considerably,so the helmets have also been revolutionized. More features are being added to helmets for making those more comfortable to wear and also making the entire bike ride smooth and safe. The helmets that have maximum useful features areobviously the best,but it also depends on the kind of features which the biker is looking for and hence it becomes a subjective choice. Almost all helmets have the basic protective covering and padding for absorbing shocks,but many more additional features are also present like ventilation, music player option,etc. the choice, therefore, depends on the biker who wishes to procure a helmet.

  • The safety certification of the helmet:

The helmet that is to be purchased should becertified as safe for use by the accrediting agencies. There are legal bodies that certify the safety aspect of such gears,and if the helmet is not certified,then it is better to avoid buying such a helmet even if it has multiple features. The presence of features, in this case, is no longer a factor becausethe standard bodies present for certifying the products as safe for use has not recognized that particular helmet as safe,so there is no point in purchasing helmets that are not authentic. One should never forget that the helmet protects the most importantpart of the body and if the gear itself is not deemed as safe for use, then it cannot be purchased under any circumstances.

  • The amount of shock absorbed and prevention of concussion:

The helmet is present for absorbing shocks that would have otherwise impacted the skull directly. In manycases, bike racing can go wrong,andcrashes are observed but during those crashes, if the shock is absorbed and the concussion level is reduced, then the injury is curbed to a great extent. The acceleration caused by rotation can affect head and neck but if good quality helmets are used then it is reduced,and so it becomes important to check how much impact can be absorbed by the helmet in case of off-roading stunts or bike racing.

  • The overall weight of the helmet:

The helmet has to be strong but not heavy. The construction of the helmet or more appropriately the outer shell of the helmet should be madeout of durableand hard materials,but the weigh should be kept in check. A heavy helmet will only increase the discomfort of the biker and will not help in making the journey smooth. Thus, the helmetshould be made out of tough yet lightweight elements that will protect the head but will not pressurize it.

Hence, choosing the correct type of bike gear and helmets is extremely necessary for ensuring the safety of the biker while displaying extremely difficult and dangerous stunts.

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