The Most Useful Instagram SEO Tactics That You May Not Know About
30th April 2018
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In the 21stcentury social media landscape, Instagram has become the core player. Approximately 55 million photos are being posted daily on this site. Moreover, in the past six months, this site has witnessed an increase of 23% of users, which made it rank the 6th largest social media platform globally. All this makes Instagram an ideal channel for business promotion.

 How does Instagram help in search rankings?

 Social media users love Instagram! There is no other way to put it. It is essential for users and brands to have high-quality images coupled with smart campaigns to leverage this prominent social media site. It is crucial to think of this site as an integral part of your total SEO.

 Marketers are aware that it is essential to have high ranks in search engines. Even brands depend on being located via search to expand their reach. However, the million dollar question for brands and marketers is the significance of Instagram. Is it merely acting as an eye-candy site or is it adding up to search engine rankings? Most progressive companies would say yes. Just as sharing rich and relevant website content works in your favor to make you rank well in search engine results, incorporating social discovery and social media tools such as Instagram further enhances the rankings. 

 As a new age social media network, Instagram has been expanding exponentially! It makes brands that have nothing to do with expensive products and photo-oriented initiatives to get engaged on this site as well. For most, it indicates that creativity should always be at a peak level. That synced with a sound marketing strategy can help you attain your brand objectives faster. Every brand today wants to develop an Instagram business presence. Once you have created an account on this site and have done all in your knowledge to stay active with the account, you need to resort to these five guidelines to switch gears to the next stage.

  • Purchase an Instagram account having established followers 

Many experts recommend it, but the primary issue that can crop up here is regarding the established followers. It could as well be the wrong target audience for your brand. However, for social media, almost everything is digital marketing. There have been users who had discovered that when they purchased an Instagram account with 131,000 followers and later changed the account name, it cost them a significant loss of following. Even before they were aware, their follower count went to 20,000, and then they started to expand the account.

 Do you want to source an account having a considerable follower base? You could get into a conversation with bloggers writing on your industry type and discuss purchasing an account. Even though you could have a minimal follower loss, the existing base could help you kick-start your online presence, get started with your business, and gradually witness a rise in your follower base. Think from a customer’s perspective once? Wouldn’t you be more drawn in to follow a brand that has 30,000 followers than 30? Alternatively, you could also buy Instagram likes and followers from eminent service providers

  • Use Hashtags for your keyword research

 This suggestion seems like a standard SEO tactic. Though Instagram might not appear to be a search engine, it still offers search functions. Majority of users use hashtags for popular searches or use a "#" sign for any keyword they can think of. Users want to make use of hashtags that are high on search frequency and significant to their image uploads for increased exposure. Compared to keywords, the best part about hashtags is that users have the choice to use any number of hashtags they want to when they have finished uploading the picture and writing their post. There is no hassle of squeezing it in and fretting about keyword stuffing. Just mentioning the hashtags is enough.

 Are you wondering about the number of hashtags that you can use? In contrast to Google Keyword Planner, Instagram does not possess any such tool like that. Hence, it is purely your choice to decide the type and number of hashtags you want to use. If you are a novice at this, search for ideas on what you want to post, check-out the hashtags used for similar posts and then make your own. If that does not help, dig up the best 100 hashtags on Instagram via different resources to have an idea and create your hashtags.  

  • Make use of Business Tools in Instagram for Advertising 

Some brands use Instagram to connect with their target audience and potential clients too, and they do it via relevant images, smart stories, correct filters usage and much more. Eventually, it all leads to paid advertising tools. Though all these steps are handy, brands with a progressive business plan should be resorting to specific Instagram features that are specialized for businesses. By using it, your brands can view the metrics on how chosen posts are functioning. These are mainly Insights option for Instagram, and it is accessible to all. A few of this data comprises of shares and engagements, insights, impressions, reach and much more for every paid advertisement on Instagram. Just go to the Campaigns part of your Instagram account, and you can spot these metrics. 

Today, the search engines are customizing search experience on an ongoing basis to be more specific and personal to the users. Hence, it is likely that the social signals will find a place on the table. The social media platforms today are considered smaller versions of search engines having their own unique suite of optimization tactics, advantages, users and most importantly algorithms. When you utilize it to get connected to grow your digital presence or connect with your target customers, brands mostly gain from planning initiatives on platforms like Instagram to strengthen their impact. An enterprise in all probability will add on to its authenticity both as a service provider and as a brand. 

 Most online entrepreneurs, start-ups, and established companies are always keen on expanding its customer base. Customers today are cyber-savvy and seek a personal connection with their choicest brands. Using social media platforms like Instagram is creating a personal link between the company and customers. By using these underrated but useful Instagram SEO secrets, you will witness better business expansion and consumer goodwill.


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