The Household Pest Problems COVID-19 Presents
22nd September 2020
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Despite there being a global pandemic, people in the UK are still very aware that a pest problem in their home could be catastrophic. With more pest control problems happening now than ever, there are some household pest problems that have accelerated during the lockdown. But people may be reluctant to call for help right now.

 “One major problem households have been experiencing during the COVID-19 outbreak is that people are less willing to have pest technicians in their home“, says Glen from Diamond Pest Control in London. “They would rather live with the pest problem than risk exposing themselves and their family to the virus“, he goes on to say.

 However, it’s still vital that if you are experiencing a pest problem that you call in a professional. Below is more information on what treatments you can receive and how technicians are making it safe to enter properties during the pandemic.

 Pests That Are Being Treated

 Pests can transmit diseases which is why it’s now more important than ever to get rid of any that may be present in your household. Some pests can have a negative impact on your mental and physical health. There is also the risk that pests will damage your property, leading to financial losses in what is already a tough time economically.

 Pest controllers are still treating:

  • Rodents
  • Birds
  • Cockroaches
  • Wasps and insects

 Safety Precautions During COVID-19

 It’s essential that UK pest controllers are following all of the proper safety precautions to protect households during the pandemic. They are considered key workers,and they are coming into contact with many members of the public on a daily basis. It’s crucial that they are not only protecting themselves but the households they are visiting as well.

 Safety is important to everyone during these difficult times. During the normal working conditions for a pest controller they face serious dangers every day, but now safety is even more a priority than before.

 There are also a lot of government guidelines that have been put in place so that cleanliness and sanitisation is carried out during the pandemic whenever a household is visited. These precautions have been set out by WHO and the NHS, so are there to safeguard you from the virus while you remove the threat of pests from your home.

 Getting Pest Control During Regional Lockdown

 Pest control treatments are being carried out in households in lockdown areas. As more of the measures are being relaxed it’s making it easier to receive these types of services when you need them the most. But how are they going about it to keep everyone safe from the virus?

 Pest controllers are monitoring the situation with coronavirus every single day. They are continuing to keep households safe during treatments by wearing the correct PPE, asking family members and pets to be away from the premises for the duration of the treatments and providing full after-treatment guidelines.

 Pest professionals are undergoing routine temperature checks to see if they are showing signs of the virus at this time. Having a high temperature is one of the main symptoms of the virus so this is a great way to eliminate the risk of spreading it to customers.

 As well as doing regular temperature checks, pest technicians are also following the current social distancing guidelines as set out by the UK government in London. This means that the team will keep their distance from you when visiting your home. Personal protective equipment will be worn at all times during your treatment and any tools used will have been disinfected at the start and end of each job. This helps prevent the virus from spreading amongst households.



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