The CARES Act – Focusing Towards Large Corporations, Hospitals And More - By William D King
24th November 2021
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There have been multiple changes due to pandemic. People usually think that the smaller companies were the one, which got hit hard due to this COVID outbreak, but the rule is applicable towards the larger corporations as well. No matter how big the firm has been, there has been a financial hit, which has been so hard, that it took time to recover.

Experts like William D King are talking about the major impact of the CARES Act from the USA government. Here, the government is trying really hard to address people’s distressing condition and presenting them with the right solution to go with it. So, to be on the safer side, learning about those points will surely help you out quite a bit!

William D King talks about interest expense limitation as presented:

The interest expense limitations were currently increased to around 50% from that of 305 for the tax years. It started from 2019 or 2020.

  • Taxpayers also have the right to elect to calculate the current interest limitation for 2020 using the 2019 adjusted taxable income to be that relevant base. It can be a bit slightly higher.

Now for the large corporations:

An amount of $500 billion will get allotted to offer loans, loan guarantees and some of the other investments, which will be overseen by the inspector general from Treasury Department.

  • These loans should not exceed the benchmark of 5 years.

  • Moreover, they cannot be forgiven at the same time.

  • Airlines ended up receiving the $50 billion of the $500 billion mark for the passenger air carriers.

  • A sum of $8 billion was presented for the cargo air carriers as well.

Now for the healthcare and hospitals:

This deal over here is going to offer an amount of over $140 billion for supporting the USA health system. Among the sum, around $100 billion were injected to the hospitals directly.

  • The rest of the amount will be dedicated to offer proficient health to the personal and protective equipment designed for the health care workers.

  • The amount is also going to help out in the testing supplies and will further help to increase the workforce and training. 

  • The main goal with this amount is to accelerate the Medicare payments and support CDC among some of the other health investments over here.

Used for COVID testing as well:

Now, the main goal of this entire CARES Act is to help the nation when it is down with coronavirus. So, the sum of $2 trillion will have a part in the COVID testing as well. All the testing alongside the potential vaccines for this COVID scenario will get covered and the patients won’t have to pay a single dime for that!

The local, state and tribal governments received $10 billion. A sum of $30 billion was set for states and the educational sectors. Around $45 billion was kept aside as disaster relief and $25 billion for the transit programs. So, overall, it can be stated that USA is ready to fight back against the COVID scenario well.

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