The Best Of Christmas Spirit
15th December 2009
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The venue was sophisticated, the food delicious, the wine smooth, the company articulate... and then The Best Of Croydon got the better of everyone!

The very wonderful Aqua on South End was the venue for The Best Of Croydon Christmas Party last week, and fantastic hosts they were too, providing excellent service.

Sadly Maud had to miss her own party due to illness, but Suzanne stepped into the breach and was the perfect hostess.

As ever with one of our social networking events, it was a great opportunity to meet people and make new contacts. I believe a number of referrals were passed, which always makes us feel we've achieved something in bringing people together.

One of the highlights of course was the ice-breaker game. This time people had to introduce themselves with two lies and a truth, with everyone having to guess which was the truth. Guaranteed to reveal some interesting things, we discovered that Clive Heywood of Man About The House And Garden once came 9th in a Bog Snorkeling competition (the fact that he was 9th makes that all the more delightfully random!), and Fiona Coppard of Electra Jewellery once came 16th in a national archery championship - and you think you know someone.

What a great start to the silly season, and we'd like to thank all our guests for attending and hope they had an enjoyable evening.


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