Sunbeds Banned for the under 18's, by Charlotte of London
12th April 2011
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"Sunbeds Banned for the under 18's"

Charlotte of London, Purley

This week saw the latest in legislation restricting the use of sunbeds to the over 18s. I've never been a sunbed user myself although I can see the attraction. But with all the information now available it does make me wonder why we still want to use them aged 18 or 80! I think we all know and understand how damaging the sun can be to our skin so why do some of us insist on using these machines? Sometimes as reported in the press, on a daily basis. It's madness!  The world health organisation have placed the dangers of using sunbeds in the same catagory as smoking and asbestos.

There is the thought that live and let live. If people want to smoke, drink, use sunbeds its their choice and the government should not be on every corner imposing its will. However when it comes to children and their health I have to agree with the ban. The thing is, there are safe alternatives. Instead of using a sunbed why not have a Spray Tan? Spray Tan technology has advanced some what since the early days of streaks and smudging and you don't have to look orange if you don't want to. When applied correctly a Spray Tan can look more natural than hours on a sunbed and is much better for your skin without the health risks.

Which reminds me. We had fantastic weather over the weekend so natually we were all in our summer clothes. Unfortunateley I saw so many people wondering around with burnt arms and shoulders and bright red faces. Ladies, please, please, look after your skin. Use a sun block. Even when it's a cloudy day you should be using a moisturiser which contains an SPF as the suns rays can still damage your skin even though it's not shining.  Spending a few minutes looking after your skin now can take years of your appearance later in life. If you need any help or advice regarding skin care then please don't be afraid to ask.

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