Suffering with persistent blocked drains? Get the Quality Drainage experts in!
10th February 2015
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Arrggghhh!!! If you're fed up of dealing with blocked drains that just don't ever seem to sort themselves out, despite your best efforts, then we have the answer....

Quality Drainage!

Based near Croydon, Quality Drainage are experts that have all the tools you need to get the results you're after.

With high pressure water jets that have pressures upto 5000psi (350bar), the equipment is hard hitting, which is just what you need. Returning the pipe to full hydraulic capacity is made much easier through the use of descaling heads that attach to the jets. With different sizes available according to the various sized underground pipes, the right solution for your drainage problem can be found - even down to removing tree roots!

When it comes to removing blockages or descaling within small wastepipes such as sinks, urinals etc, the electro-mechanical machinery like the Super-Vee are perfect for getting rid of the problem.

So if you're fed up with it all, call on the professionals at Quality Drainage!

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