Strictly Come Dancing or The X Factor? Hole In The Wall or Total Wipeout?
28th September 2009
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Right, Croydon. There's a world war breaking out in our house - is it Strictly or X Factor?

For years these two institutions have been running alongside each other in the Saturday night Entertainment wars, vying for ratings and media column-space the next day.

This year more than ever, it seems the nation is divided. More so, I notice, with the addition of Total Wipeout and Hole In The Wall sneaking round by the back door.

"I don't give two monkeys for Strictly Factor" is my partner's erudite critique of the national quandry.

He prefers spandex-clad celebs and muddy nutters flinging themselves around Argentina.

Other members of the family however display a little more loyalty to the glitz and glamour of shows like Strictly and X Factor - yet these too are factions divided.

What do you watch?

Personally I'm a little of an entertainment magpie and make the most of the shiny bits I come across by chance, and love them all in turn.

With contestants like TreyC Cohen on X Factor last week presenting herself on stage with a cracked and squeaky speaking voice a pre-pubescent boy would have been proud of, she then delivered a beautiful 'Friend In You' rendition that amazed just about everybody.

And I love that the judges in Strictly Come Dancing are so critical of what are - despite being 'celebrities' - ordinary people now placing their bodies under unfamiliar strain and feats of coordination. No slack-giving here, phrases like "careless slovenly footwork" would leave me in tears if I was standing there dressed in my best glittery frock.

And it would be that same glittery frock I'd wear on the assault course of Total Wipeout I'm sure. Now for pure gut-shaking belly laughs and giggle factor, you can't beat TW and Hole In The Wall. Richard Hammond delivers chuckly one-liners from his cosy UK studio (that's the only bit I find a little jarring - that the host is nowhere near the action. Love him, just want him out of the studio), whilst there is something lovely and clean to look at mud-side in Amanda Byram.

So tell me Croydon - who do you watch on a Saturday night? is it Strictly, or X Factor? Hole In The Wall, or Total Wipeout? Or none of the above and you make your own entertainment!


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