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26th September 2012
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Once again the headlines are dominated by the effects of recent torrential downpours, and there is no doubt we will witness more of the same over the coming months.

Flooding can cause irreparable damage to your home and belongings. Making plans in advance can reduce the chances of your home being flooded and minimise the potential devastation flood water can cause. A flood plan can help you act quickly and make practical decisions in the event of a flood. It should contain useful contact details of organisations like Floodline and your insurance and utility companies.

Protecting your home against flooding

You can prepare your home against the risk of flooding by taking a few, practical steps:

  • Check your home and buildings insurance covers flooding
  • Find out if damaged belongings will be replaced with new ones
  • If you rent, contact your landlord to find out about the insurance cover for your flat or house
  • Make sure you know how to turn off your gas, water or electricity
  • Keep a kit of essential items like copies of your insurance documents, a battery powered torch and radio and a first aid kit
  • Buy special protection flood products like floodboards and airbrick covers to help reduce flood damage
  • Keep irreplaceable items, those of sentimental value in particular, either upstairs or where they can quickly be gathered and taken out of harm’s way

What to do in a flooding emergency

In the event of a flood:

  • Remember, yours and your family’s safety is most important, so move them and your pets upstairs, with a means of escape
  • Turn off your electricity and gas supply – if it is safe to do so – but do not touch sources of electricity when standing in flood water
  • Move valuable items upstairs or to a high point in your property
  • To stop flood water from entering your home, you should fit flood protection products like floor boards, airbrick covers, sandbags and toilet bungs
  • If you do not have non-return valves fitted, you should plug water inlet pipes with towels or cloths
  • Disconnect any equipment that uses water, like, washing machines and dishwashers
  • Know in advance what is important for you to rescue in the event of a flood, have a plastic box easily accessible for you to put wedding videos, albums and other precious items into quickly

Flooding from your plumbing system

If there is a flood in your home from your plumbing system, shut off the water supply by closing your inside stop valve (stop tap). If in an emergency, you can’t find or operate the stop valve, try contacting your water company. They may be able to turn off the water at the outside stopcock.

Once you’ve shut off the water supply, contact a plumber to make a repair. You should also switch off the electricity supply to avoid the risk of electrocution.

Should the worst happen

First 2 Fix provide electrical, plumbing, heating and draining services to commercial and domestic customers in Croydon and surrounding areas.

Find their details in our Business Services Directory and keep their number in your personal flood plan!

Floodline - 0845 988 1188

Get 24 hour flood warnings by phone, text or email.

You can download a personal flood plan from the Environment Agency’s website.

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