Some Basics to Know about Restaurant Reservation Etiquettes for a Better Experience
14th November 2018
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Would you prefer to dine out at a nice place with your family once in a while? If this is in your mind, then the primary need is to call up and reserve a table in a fine restaurant. Many of the premium restaurants take or need a mandatory reservation to book a table to arrange for dinner for a group. As a service taker, you may want to ensure that everything goes smoothly while planning to take someone out for dinner.

Many out there don't know how to the reservation process if they want to go out for dining. For those who are new to it, it's important to understand the reservation protocol for a nice dining out experience. In many cases, restaurants insist on the reservation during special occasions and holidays. This practice helps the restaurant managers to plan things better, schedule needed staff, and avoid crowding during special occasions. Here are some tips for those who plan to book a restaurant table at busy times.

Plan well ahead in time

If you are planning to take someone out to dinner on special occasions like Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day, or New Year's Eve, make reservations as advanced as possible to ensure the availability of your slot. Many restaurants may do their best to arrange a specific table based on your location request. If you like a particular table for the breathtaking view, it gives of the outside premises, like with a window overlooking to the lake, ocean view, or city view, booking ahead increases your chances to get the same.

Some instant tips are:

  • Try to call at least a week before the scheduled date. Some premium restaurants can be booked even earlier. If the event is well planned, then you may make a booking before a month or even two for big events.
  • You have to call again at least a day or two before to confirm your reservation. You may also ask questions if any based on your special requests.
  • If you are planning to cancel an appointment, do it as soon as you know about it.
  • Don't tend to cancel reservations frequently. Restaurants may blacklist you, and it may affect your future bookings too for chronic cancellers.
  • With a booking in hand, show up at the restaurant at least five to ten minutes before the scheduled time. In case of you run late due to any reasons, call them and inform about it.
  • It is ideal to know the tipping policy of the restaurant and tip the host, hostess, if the rules allow.
  • If you’ve raised any special request like an engagement ring to be delivered with the wine or so, ensure that necessary arrangements are made and add a bit more to the tip.
  • Try to be polite and friendly when you are trying to make a reservation. This is to be so when you arrive at the place and also while dealing with the staff. Thank the staffs who provide you services.

Reservation during special occasions

At certain seasons of the year, restaurants tend to be more crowded, so you have to book early and plan it well to find out which is a good time to reserve. As we have seen earlier, holidays may be busiest for the good restaurants in town. Some seasons may be the peak for some course of cuisines also like Uzbek food Brooklyn during winter.

When planning for some group events like birthday function, engagement announcement, or for an official celebration, you can take the best advantage of planning it during a slower time for the restaurant. Many may offer some sizable discounts too on booking during slog periods. This can be best planned on a weeknight or the weekend after holidays. If you are flexible in case of dates and timing while booking, it can offer many big advantages.

Restaurant reservation apps

Nowadays, everything happens through apps. If you want to book a table at one of the top restaurants which you have your heart set for, you can now access any of the top reservation apps to accomplish it instantly. There are third party booking apps, which lists many restaurants and gives you an opportunity to do a custom search and choose the best. There are many handy apps like TableSweep and OpenTable etc. can put forth the best options for you. There are free as well as premium apps which offer this service a cost like Killer Rezzy, I Know the Chef, etc.

Get reviews

When you plan for some big events to be held at a restaurant, it is highly advisable to search for the ones which are tries and tested by experts. You can find many recommendations online through various rating websites. Moreover, it is also advisable that you get the first-hand experience by visiting the place all on your own and then decide to book.

You can also make recommendations by knowing the menu and the wine list, and it is always better to choose a place you are familiar with and know how things are managed. If you know things in advance, you don't have to worry about anything when you take your party there and enjoy the happy time together.

Even when you are planning for an unplanned regular dine out, there may be comfortable destinations you know. In these cases; however, you may also try out new experimental destinations too to further add them to your consideration pool or to cut off.

The hotel booking websites itself have provisions for the users to see the ratings and reviews of various restaurants, which will further help your booking decisions. You may also ask your friends and folks to get suggestions on the best places to consider. However, don't simply believe on a large number of admiring reviews online as there is a chance that these can be fake promotions too done by the booking sites for more commission. In fact, by carefully considering all the above tips on booking a restaurant, you have a fair chance to end up with the one top option you long for.

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