Should you take your dog on holiday?
25th April 2017
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We're a nation of dog lovers, that's for sure, and for many of us the thought of leaving our beloved pooch at home when we head off on our holidays fills us with dread. 

Which is why the prospect of bringing them away with us can be very appealing. They can enjoy a break from the normal routine just like us!

But should you be taking your pet on holiday? 

As much as 1.4 million of us are apparently contemplating doing so this summer. And it's not just dogs that are in the picture but cats and even the odd ferret too!

McCarthy Cars in Croydon have compiled this handy guide on the factors you should be taking into account before you make your decision.

Of course you must bear in mind first off that whether you can bring your pet with you very much depends on where you are travelling to and how you will get there. Jetting off far afield is much less amenable to pet travel than a hotel on the coast to which you're driving by car.

Many hotels, lodges ,B&Bs and inns in the UK and indeed France allow pets, so it's well worth doing a little research and making your decisions on those that do allow your furry friends to join you.

  • has your pet travelled before?
  • do they travel well? 
  • have they ever displayed signs of stress when travelling?
  • if so, would they feel less stressed if they went into kennels?

As long as you think your pet would remain calm throughout the trip, they would love the adventure and would be better off with you than boarding, then taking them on holiday is a very good option. You can also speak to your vet who will advise you on products you can use in your car to help calm your pet while you travel.

There are some circumstances where taking your pet in the car with you on holiday really would cause much more stress for the animal than leaving them in boarding.

If they get anxious in new places or show distress when getting into the car then either placing them in boarding or with a reliable pet sitter may be better for you both in the long run.

You also need to consider what activities you're planning to do whist you're away. Laying on a sun drenched beach the whole day isn't suitable for a pet, which may mean you'll need to leave them alone at your accommodation all day. This is unlikely to make them very happy, especially if they're not used to the surroundings and usually have company throughout the day.

Consider all these factors and try make your decision on what will make your pet most happy for the duration of your holiday.

Hope that helps!

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