Should you buy an extended warranty for your car?
3rd March 2016
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We all hope that when we buy a used car we're buying a reliable vehicle that will prove to be trouble free and a good investment.

But in reality, even new cars can have faults, not to mention used ones!

Most of us could do without the expense and hassle of having to pay for costly repairs. And this is the reason many of us decide that purchasing an additional warranty can give them extra peace of mind.

A warranty is a separate "insurance" for your car that can cover the cost of any faults or mechanical repairs. You pay an additional amount over and above the purchase price, for which you get the reassurance that should anything go wrong, the repair bill will potentially be taken care of.

There are also different types of warranty - from the manufacturers warranty when you buy a new car, to a used car warranty from a dealer like McCarthy Cars, and even an after-market warranties that you can source yourself.

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