Seasons Meetings – Wednesday and Thursday Only, by David Thackray
14th December 2009
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Seasons Meetings – Wednesday and Thursday Only

We three kings of parliament are
Chasing votes with budgets bizarre
Quantitative easing, bank bonus squeezing
Won’t get us terribly far

O All assunder, starts to bite                
Debt so high it can’t be right
Gordon leading, Darling conceding
Will they ever get it right?

Gold a thousand dollars an ounce   
Says the markets don’t see a bounce                     
Cameron hoping, discontent stoking
Waiting till Spring to pounce

O Soon the voters get their say
DC thinks he’ll have his day
Polling leading, confidence breeding
Whether its March or whether its May

Commonsense to offer have I
Won’t get elected though voting is nigh
Vincent Cable, clever and able
I speak and they all say ‘Aye’

O Why’s he with the liberal bunch
DC take him out to lunch
Begging and pleading, tell him you need him
To help you fix the credit crunch

Mirth is mine, you’d otherwise cry
Venture Catalyst still riding high
Year end meetings, seasonal greetings
For members the victory is nigh

O Venture onward Venture right           
Venture to a future bright
Upward leading, success breeding
At the end of the tunnel we’ve turned on the light

Happy Christmas!


David Thackray


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