Replacing your locks after a burglary - help is at hand from Flamingo Locksmiths.
13th December 2016
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Unfortunately even with the best will in the world, sometimes the worst happens. You can be as security conscious as possible, following all the best advice, but that doesn't mean it won't happen.

If you do find yourself the victim of a burglary the first thing to do is not panic. Take a moment to compile yourself and then call the police. 

Don't touch anything until they arrive as it's most likely they'll want to take fingerprints.

You'll need to put together a list of everything that's been stolen and give an estimated value of each item. This will also need to be given to your insurance company so is very important.

Once this has been done and the police have completed any assessment of your home, you'll need to get your home back in order.

Part of this may mean that you need to replace your locks - depending on how the break-in occurred. Here's where you get Flamingo Locksmiths in Croydon involved. Not only will they replace your locks for you, but they'll also talk through the best options with you, so you can be sure you're replacing them with high grade security locks. They can also add or replace locks on your windows, which even further boosts your security.

This is also a good time to consider adding outdoor sensor lights above front and back doors, and even invest in a burglar alarm. Not only will this help deter any opportunistic burglars in future, but may help you get over the break-in and feel more secure in your home again.

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