Proven Ways to Write a Good Hook
25th March 2019
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Attracting the audience and keeping them interested until the end requires a lot of smart work no matter which type of content you are preparing. Be it an essay or a presentation or a book or any other work of writing. Creating a good hook is as important as other elements for attention-grabbing content.

You can’t just write long sentences and paragraphs showing your large arsenal of vocabulary or ornamental language. Readers are rarely interested in your language skill. What they are interested in is the message and information that they are looking for. Here’s the need for a good hook comes into the picture. It grabs the attention of your audience and gives them the reason to stay with you till the end of your content.

So how to create a surprising hook that binds your audience leaving them with no chance of paying attention anywhere else but to you? We have discussed some hacks in this article that will help you write a good hook.


1. Know your work

This seems a general point. But it’s important. Have a clear understanding of the type of content you are writing. Then come your audience and their expectations. If you know the material well and know what they are interested in, your task will become easy.

Then comes your tone and style. Vague tone or complex writing style may lose its effect despite the fact that the content is useful and addressing your reader’s needs and questions. So, pay attention to what you write. Read form your reader’s point of view. Do you feel connected and interested?

2. Use a surprise or interest factor

One of the best ways to raise curiosity and questions among the audience is to give them something surprising. Start with some interesting fact or an eye-catching figure. For example, more than 281300 people are working as writers or editors in the USA and the writing industry is expected to grow at 8% for the years to come. This will be an eye-catching fact for the audience who are interested in the writing field or looking to start a career as a writer.

3. Use a quote

When your work is based on the literary work of an established author, you may use a famous quote from that author. It will help you establish a trust factor and your readers will know that you have done enough groundwork.

If your work is not based on a single author but a common subject, you can use a quote from any famous person or author. This type of beginning can help you have an influential effect on your readers and make your argument even stronger when used with clear relevance to your topic. Click here to learn more:

4. Start with a story

A real incident or a humorous event may have an opening place in your content. A connection or similarity established with a bit humorous or intriguing story will create an interest that will last longer. You don’t have to keep the same spirit throughout your content, just make them laugh or think over an incident. Its real use is to grab your audience’s attention and entice a curiosity in your topic.

5. Use visuals

An artistic way of presenting the information backed by visuals can create a strong stance that your audience can’t ignore. If you are preparing a presentation for your school, college or office, use this hack to grab the attention of concerned people in the first place. Depending on the topic and level of understanding of the audience, you can use simple or complex visuals that can convey more information than words quickly.

6. Provoke imagination

Great people and successful leaders use this technique often. They use power or imagination. Ask your audience to close their eyes and think about something before they go ahead. They will feel engaged with the events and stories as you go on. Make sure to sustain the same mental state by explaining related and relevant points following the imagination. Great post to read.

7. Ask them a question

One of the most effective ways to get unavoidable attention towards your content or presentation is to ask your audience a question. This will work as an eraser. It will erase other thoughts from their minds and direct them towards thinking on a point or topic you want. Another benefit of this hack is it will keep your audience focused on the following content out of curiosity about what’s the answer according to you and if their answer in mind is different from that of you.

8. Establish clear stacks

If you are writing a book or a fiction story, you would better be clear with the stacks from the initial paragraph. Your readers will obviously be interested in knowing the struggle or the main concern of the characters of your story. That means, if they don’t find any reason why a character is there in the story straight from the beginning, they may lose interest.

If they know what’s going to be the base for upcoming events or chapters in your book they will stay interested to read further. This is the best hack unless you are writing a suspense story where a character seems someone in the beginning and turns out to be different by the end.


There is no limit to creativity, and you can make your hook depending on the type of your content, your intended audience, and your own style of presentation. However, the hacks discussed in this article will certainly be helpful in crafting your own text.

Best of luck!

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