Plastic food and drink containers linked to cancer
10th June 2009
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Croydon's Healthvibes Clinic answer some concerning questions in their newsletter this month - are your food containers increasing your risk of getting cancer?

Recent research has highlighted that some plastics used in storing foods and drinks release environmental toxins called Dioxins. These Dioxins behave similarly to natural oestrogens found in the body, and introducing the two can increase the risk of developing breast cancer. Highly poisonous to tissues, Dioxins can cause mutation into cancerous cells.

According to figures, more than 90% of Dioxins ingested into the body come from the food we eat and the water we drink. Heat plays a factor, either in production or at the point of consumption, and reacts with the often fatty foods to create these Dioxins.

I've heard that leaving mineral water bottles in your car - resulting in a warming of the bottle and liquid - can be harmful, but I was surprised to read about some of the other things to look out for.

TV dinners and convenience soups come under the spotlight with potentially dangerous containers, but we are also warned to avoid microwaving in bowls or containers not specified as safe for the microwave, and - most worryingly for me - that clingfilm covering food even in a microwave safe bowl can drip toxins down into your food.

So the advice is to avoid using plastics and clingfilm in the microwave, not leave drinks bottles in the freezer or the car, and using stainless steel or glass bottles where you can.

As someone who regularly heats children's food and milk in plastic containers, I now feel that I have put them unnecessarily at risk despite ensuring the food itself is natural and healthy.

Oh the irony.

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