Plan your garden with Woods Landscaping for maximum enjoyment next summer!
31st October 2016
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We know it's Autumn so it's probably a time at which you think about taking a breather on your outside space and leave it until the weather warms up again! 

But actually the reverse is true - if you start planning your space now, it means you can boo in the services of Woods Landscaping in Croydon with plenty of time for them to design and deliver an outstanding space that will be available to use the whole of the next Spring and Summer season. 

Woods Landscaping provide a comprehensive design service that's all bells and whistles - delivering a service that's tailored to suit your individual requirements.

They'll sit down with you and advise on every feature of your redesigned garden space. They'll look at the suitability of materials, how practical certain design features are, as well as the planting and construction aspects.

Once they've got the full picture, they'll produce both 2D and 3D plans, which will bring the layout and materials to life, perfect for showcasing sense of proportion and usability of the garden.

Their experience in construction means they're perfectly placed to create a design that's not only aesthetically pleasing but is also practical to implement. These designs are easy to adjust for any tweaks that are needed - meaning that clients end up with a final design that they're genuinely happy about

They will of course work within budget constraints, always delivering exceptional finish and value for money. 

Using Woods Landscaping for your garden project means you'll avoid potentially costly hold-ups by managing the whole project from design through to construction. 

Your one-stop tip top landscape designers!

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