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22nd February 2019
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In most of the electronic components, the PCBs are used either as a base or both as a physical support piece and as the wiring area for the surface-mounted and socket components. Furthermore, the PCBs are also used in other devices including TVs, Radios, Digital cameras, and Cell phones and several others. Hence PCB is a requirement that occurs in every sector. At RAYMING, that is Ray PCB, they provide the best PCB Manufacturing and PCB Assembly Services. Now let’s take a look over further details about the fields in which the Ray PCB can be used.

Fields in which the PCB can be used

Following are the fields in which the Ray PCB is used have a glance. Hope it will be helpful to gather more stuff that before going to make project with the support of RayMing.

Medical devices

Alia electronic products consume a high amount of power and also were less than Sir. But now with the advancement of Technology and generation electronically products are consuming less amount of power and also are denser.  In order to create most of the medical devices, a high-density PCB is used by the technical. This is because in medical devices the smallest and the intense designs are required. In the medical field, most of the devices are demanded to be small in size and lightweight also. In every device from the smallest to the largest PCBs have their own place.  Yes, the PCB is used in both a pacemaker that is the smallest device and the X-ray equipment that is a large device.

Industrial machinery

In almost all the high power industrial machinery the printed circuit boards that is the PCB is used. There are several devices and the part where the one-ounce copper PCBs are not used.  In such cases, thick copper PCBs get in utilization easily. Thick copper PCBs are basically used for a battery charger or industrial load tester.


We all know that LED light is used by almost all of the consumers because they take low power consumption and also have high levels of efficiency. In order to make the LED light this much efficient the aluminum backed PCBs are used in them.  The best part about aluminum backed PCB is that it acts as a heat sink due to which the LED light transfer a high level of heat

Automotive and Aerospace industries

The flexible PCB is used in both the automotive and aerospace industries. These PCBs are designed to hold up or handle the high vibration surroundings that are common for both of the industries.  The weight of PCB used in such designs that are mostly lightweight and also depends upon the specifications of the manufactured parts. The uses of PCB in consumer electronics are wide in nature. In consumer electronics, there are several devices in which the PCBs are commonly used.  The device is in which PCB commonly used are

Mobile Devices: Almost every second person is using a Smartphone nowadays. Smartphone functions for almost our entire task starting from an alarm clock or using it at as GPS on calculator and Sumo. In the Smartphone also the Antenna PCB is used. Yes, the Antenna PCB is properly used for Wireless communications.

Computer Electronics: Desktop and laptop also include PCB as their base. The screen and the Peripheral device that is linked to the desktop and the laptops also contain PCBs

Recording Devices: Talking about the recording devices then the digital cameras, microphones, cam recorder, and several other recording devices also includes PCB to functions completely and internal.

Entertainment Systems: You must have some entertainment systems at your home like the DVD player or video game that you have connected to your television or stereo set. The devices that are used for entertainment also contain PCB to function.

Home Appliances: Finally the home appliances include alarm clocks, refrigerator, coffee maker, toaster, microwaves, fridge AC and several other electronic components also contains PCB for functioning.

Hence all we can say is that PCB places a vital role in every electronic device including the high machinery or lightweight small machinery. If you are willing to get the high-quality PCB or antenna PCB then you must visit RAYMING once. Here you will get the best PCB manufacturing and assembling services.

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