Optimizing Our Bodies for Success: 5 Valuable Tips
15th February 2019
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Wouldn’t it be awesome if we had an app where we could tap away and automatically eliminate all the bad things from our body, clean our mind and become better, better people, employees, friends. Unfortunately that’s not possible. Using apps that can optimize the performance of our smart devices is a common thing but just because there are no apps that can ‘optimize us’ doesn’t mean that it’s not possible. Take a look below and check out five tips on how we can optimize our bodies and achieve our goals easier.

Healthy habits

Most of us feel tired at around 2 p.m. every day. No matter the hour we fell asleep the day before. No matter the amount of sleep we got. Then we look for quick fixes like coffee to give us that energy boost we need to soldier on and get the job done for the day. Well, instead of that, how about implementing good, energy-boosting habits that will completely eliminate the need for coffee? For example, introducing light exercises and play some sports into your everyday routine is a good idea. and If you don’t have enough time for gym, walking your way to the office or simply avoiding elevators is a good start. Also, make sure to get at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep. Habits like these make us but they also break us.

We are what we eat

We’ve already mentioned physical activity. Of course, the second most important thing after that is the diet. Your diet directly impacts your energy levels, your mood and your health. If you want to be successful, you can’t always call in for sickness, you can’t underperform and you can’t be grumpy around people. So, consider having a strict meal schedule. Find the best times of day for you to eat breakfast, lunch, healthy snacks and dinner. Then stick to it. If you really want to optimize your body and get yourself in shape, maybe consider going keto. Low carb options are always a good idea but make sure to read about keto diets before starting your own. And don’t think that keto meals don’t taste good. Low carb Chipotle certainly tastes awesome. Just do your homework should you change your dietary strategy.

Shaping up for better things

Just because your schedule is tight and you have too many places where you have to be doesn’t mean that you are allowed to neglect your body. To be precise, putting some form of a workout in at least two or three times a week should be a must. If you’re not so keen on going to the gym and exercising with weights, you can always look up sports. Sports are fun, sports are healthy, you’ll meet friends playing sports so that can never be a bad idea. If you find ordinary sports dull, you can even take a look at some extreme sports. It’s highly doubtable that adrenaline junkies work nine to five jobs but if that was the case, no one would be surprised. So, get that activity your body needs so much and clean your mind. Sports do wonders for us in many ways.

Do not bring work home

Once you’re done for the day, you’re done. A big mistake people make with this is that they try to get things done quickly and all in one day. And even if they do, they will only get a false feeling of satisfaction. Actually, what happens is you burn out quickly. Many people depend on their phones and laptops heavily when it comes to work. If you stop using these gadgets for fun and leisure, you’ll soon start to hate them. Successful businessmen aren’t successful because they work all the time. They work smart during the already planned work hours.

Tech to the rescue

Take advantage of every gadget at your disposal. Do not work for your phone/PC, make them work for you. If you have to send out numerous invitations, send them all at once. If you have tight schedules, create worksheets, use every benefit you can get from your smart devices. Starting from alarms, reminders, automatic messages, make it all work in your favor. Never underestimate the power of tech. And never be stingy when it comes to good, quality devices. Some devices cost more than others for a reason.


Only by working and living smart will you achieve great things. Think about what you’ve read. Implement the changes. The results will be there.


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