Not a wheeler dealer in sight at McCarthy Cars in Croydon!
2nd March 2015
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Croydon's McCarthy Cars are very proud of turning that old adage of used car salespeople as "wheeler dealers" on its head, and offering excellence in all aspects of customer service. They've been in business a long time - over 40 years - and they feel there are two very important things that are important each and every time someone is looking for a used car:

1.    People want good quality vehicles
2.    They want to buy those quality vehicles from trustworthy dealerships that keep their word.
So McCarthy Cars believe that each and every time they sell a used car they have to fulfil that brief. There's no resting on their laurels and riding on their good reputation  - they know their reputation is only as good as their last satisfied customer, so they aim to make sure that every customer is exactly that: satisfied.
McCarthy Cars strives to be the best, sourcing & preparing all of their vehicles to the highest possible standard.  
It's not just about price and who comes in cheapest. It's so much more than that - it's about quality, customer service and ultimately giving customers a fair deal.

McCarthy Cars don’t claim to always beat the competition by being the cheapest but they do promise to offer a fair deal and value for money - to every customer, every time.

If you're in the market for a used car, check out the business that sets itself apart from other used car dealerships: McCarthy Cars.

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