New Year's resolutions - and how you can stick to them!
12th January 2017
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We're still only just over a week into the New Year... did you make a whole host of New Year's resolutions this year? How are they going?! Or did you decide that it's just not worth it - you always end up breaking them anyway!

Whatever the case, making a promise to yourself to do something better or differently at the start of a new year is something so many of us do. 

But do you know what the most common ones are?

Not surprisingly top of the list comes losing weight or becoming more fit. Following what tends to be a more prolonged period of overeating and drinking greater volumes of alcohol, it makes sense that people feel the need for change. 

And again the next few most common ones are also common sense: 

  • making life/self improvements
  • making better financial decisions
  • quitting smoking

The sad thing is that a study in 2007 by Bristol University showed that 88% of people who make New Year's resolutions ultimately fail.

Here are our favourite bestof Croydon members who might be able to help you stick to those promises you made to yourself, not just for this year but hopefully for always.

Fitness or wellbeing improvements - Back in Shape Clinic is the place to go for a whole range of life improvements. From injury recover through physiotherapy to massage, podiatry to homeopathy, you can get it all under one roof.

Farleigh Golf Club has it all! Not only can you play golf which is a sure fire way to get those endorphins going but you can dine at their restaurant Nineteen afterwards and enjoy some much deserved down time!

Life improvements - making more time for yourself and looking after yourself better is a huge part of this. Charlotte of London is the ultimate relaxing place to be, with a whole range of treatments that can make you feel wonderful. Their sister salon Aphrodite is also a great place to head to.

Feeling like you're looking your best is also important. Booking a regular appointment at JAM Hair can boost your wellbeing and help you feel on great form.

Financial decisions - this isn't just about how you spend your money. It's also about making sure you have your finances in order for whatever the world throws at you. This includes having a Will, something that Will and Probate are the perfect people to do for you.

So if any of those strikes a chord with you don't allow yourself to fail. Follow up today and make sure you achieve your goals this year.

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