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27th February 2009
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Here at The Best Of Croydon, the hamsters never stop running on their tiny wheels of industry, in an effort to bring you the very best information and news about our great Borough. After one very frenetic night of burrowing and worrying, the small but mighty brains behind the website you know and love decided it needed to reach right out to the people and touch you more deeply. That stormy night, the seed of an idea to bring new authors in breathed its first shuddering gasps, and this, I'm afraid, is the result.

Here through the Blog we share with you the best - and maybe sometimes the worst - of Croydon. It's a portal designed for all our users, both commercial and public, so don't forget if there is anything you would like mentioned or discussed then drop us a line through our contacts page.

So welcome to our two newest writers: Katrina Monroe will be your girl in the know, and Geoffrey Walker your business talker.

For news, views, events and recommendations, use The Best Of Croydon - it's your blog.


Katrina Monroe and Geoffrey Walker

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