Meet Richard Latteman, owner of Lucra Ltd, the go-to business for all your mortgage needs
6th June 2012
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Introducing Richard Latteman, owner of Lucra Ltd


Lucra Ltd Independent Financial Adviser specialising in Mortgages, Protection and Equity Release

1.    What do you love most in life? Jesus, family and football in that order.


2.    Your claim to fame? I once met the Archbishop of Canterbury while wearing a dress. I mean to say that I was wearing a dress as obviously he tends to wear one on a regular basis.


3.    What sort of training did you have before going into business? None. Being a Financial Adviser was initially a short term role while I looked around at other options. The main one of these was the possibility or becoming ordained in the Church of England.


4.    What would I find in your refrigerator right now? The usual stuff as I’m pretty conservative in my tastes. Hopefully not too much of it will be past it’s sell by date.


5.    What advice would you give someone who wants to set up their own business? DO IT as the plusses FAR outway the minuses. Get the backing of your (marital) partner. They will need to be understanding about the newly blurred lines between work and play time. Also speak to as many others who are small business owners as possible. Pump them for advice to help minimise the mistakes that you make!


6.    The one local business you couldn’t possibly live without? Domino’s Pizza


7.    Who is the most interesting person you have met? I have been fortunate to meet many interesting meeting over my life and I’d struggle to choose anyone to be top of the list.


8.    There are few Financial Adviser companies around – what makes you the best? The obvious answer is that the other companies don’t have me!! Other than that Lucra is one of the only Chartered Financial Adviser firms in Bromley.


9.    What’s your favourite spot around? I’m Bromley born and Bred and Bromley is indeed the centre of the known universe. I love it all!


10.  How many jelly beans will fit in a Boeing 777? No idea. Does anyone actually know? I reckon I could say any large number and there would be noone to contradict me!!


11.  If Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to see play the lead role as you? I’m not sure there is any Hollywood actor that could truly do justice to my heady mix of wit, charm, intelligence, good looks and modesty!! Actually I have no idea and I can’t see enormous numbers of people swarming to the audition!


12.  What is the last book you read? I read the Bible every day but I don’t tend to read much other than on holiday so I can’t remember.


13.  If I assembled 10 of your clients in a room and asked them about you, what would they say? Some would say “Is that what he looks like then?!?!?” as I seem to be doing increasing amounts of business over the internet/phone. This is generally referrals from local clients. The others would hopefully say that I had done a great job for them and they would be happy to refer me to friends and family.


14.  Hindsight is a wonderful thing – what one thing would you do differently? Nothing. I am who I am and I am where I am because of everything that has happened to me, good and bad.


15.  If you could be a super hero, what would you want your superpowers to be? I don’t know if you’d count it as a superpower but I would like to be Wise in my decisions and in what I say and do.


16.  In the news story of your life, what would the headline say? I hope it will say something about everyone I met was better off for meeting me. I can’t think of a pithy Sun type headline to make that sound less big-headed!!


17.  How many people are using Facebook in Bromley at 2:30pm on a Friday?  Too many who should be doing other things.


18.  How would you describe Lucra Ltd in three words? Trustworthy, Efficient, Helpful


19.  If I were to "Google" you, what would I find? I have fingers in lots of pies relating to church, finance, football and local business so if Google is doing it’s job there should be links relating to all of those areas.


20.  What were you hoping we’d ask you, but didn’t? I think I’ve already exposed enough of my inner self without the need for further revelations!! Having said that I haven’t had much chance to talk about my extensive collection of toenail clippings!


21.  Your chance to shine… There have been plenty of horror stories over the years about the misdeeds of Financial Advisers. I worry that many people will seek no advice at all because they are worried about being “ripped off”. I would love the opportunity to show people that financial advisers can make an enormous and positive difference to their financial wellbeing. We all have hopes and dreams. Most of those dreams have financial implications. However money is just a tool; a means to an end not the end in itself. I would love to help you use your money more effectively to achieve your dreams.




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