McCarthy Cars top 10 tips for maintaining your car.
4th January 2017
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Keeping your car in tip condition not only helps keep the costs associated with running a car down by helping to avoid issues before they arise, but it can also mean your car holds its value much better.

Here's the top 10 list of maintenance areas from McCarthy Cars in Croydon to help ensure your car is running at its best.

  1. Brakes - check your brake fluid regularly and replace it as necessary. Do the same with the brake pads to ensure they're not worn out, which is also incredibly important for safety while driving.
  2. Tyres - keep on top of your tyre tread as this is so important for driving safety. You need at least 1.6mm to comply with legal requirements. This can be measured with a tread depth gauge.
  3. Battery - your battery should be changed every 5 years to operate at maximum efficiency.
  4. Coolant - your car needs coolant in the radiator to protect against corrosion, act as an antifreeze and also cool the engine itself. Check the level, and if it needs topping up, the ratio needs to be half water, half coolant.
  5. Engine belts - problems can arise if your engine belt gets worn down as it could damage the engine. Have this checked when you bring your car in for a service.
  6. Spark plugs - these should be checked every 30,000 miles. This can be done by a trained technician or you can bring it in to McCarthy Cars.
  7. Power steering fluid - you need fluid to keep the operating system for your power steering lubricated. Check it by looking at the reservoir or dipstick, and if the level is often too low then there may be an underlying problem.
  8. Fuel filter - this should be replaced every other year as it's in constant use when your car is running. Again a technician can do this, or bring it in to McCarthy Cars.
  9. Air filter - this cleans the air as it comes into your engine, clearing it of any contaminants that could damage your car. Check it annually to maintain performance.
  10. Body paint - chip-free body paint not only looks much better but also prevents corrosion. Washing, waxing & polishing your car regularly helps maintain its condition.
And there you have it! 10 simple steps to keep your car running at its best.


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