McCarthy Cars tell us the best cars around for city driving.
5th September 2014
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Whilst many cars have good or bad reputations, the one thing that can be said is they aren't all equally good or bad - what's good for driving on long drives at higher speeds may not be the best buy for driving around town.
McCarthy Cars gives us the lowdown on the top questions you should ask yourself if you're in the market for a city car.


We're not just talking about the cost of the car itself but everything that comes with owning and running a car - fuel, insurance and servicing. The general rule of thumb is the bigger the car, the more uneconomical it'll be, so in most cases the best bet is to go for a smaller car. Not only will the parking in more confined spaces be easier but your other running costs should be kept down too.

More bang for your buck

Thank goodness many manufacturers are increasing the power capacity of smaller engines powerful, which means the crossover from nipping around the city to keeping up with the lorries on the motorway isn't as bad as it used to be.  But it's still worth looking into the performance ratings if you're opting for a smaller car to ensure you'll be able to drive safely and comfortably according to your own individual needs.

Spotlight on Safety

Just because you're not driving at high speeds, driving in the city isn't devoid of hazards - low speed collisions are unfortunately common. Getting the largest SUV type car possible may seem like the answer but are an added danger to pedestrians and anyone else in an accident, so choosing a smaller car could once again be a better option.

Be sure to look into the NCAP car safety ratings to assess the safety levels of your particular choice of vehicle make and model.

Putting in the boot?

Generally the one compromise you have to make with smaller cars is a smaller boot space, but this isn't true for all small cars. Check out the Skoda Fabia hatchback which comes up trumps on a larger sized boot.

And what are people going for?

The Fiat 500 is still topping the list of most popular small car at the moment. It's a dream for driving around town, is super cool and perfect at handling urban roads. 

Check out the selection of used cars at McCarthy Cars and see if they have your ideal city driver in stock.
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