McCarthy Cars sorts winter driving facts from fiction...
2nd December 2014
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Winter driving demands a bit more effort and concentration. The roads can be more treacherous with frost and ice, and the car needs perhaps a bit more TLC too. 

Here's some great advice from Croydon's McCarthy Cars on what's myth and what's fact when it comes to driving during the winter season:

Reduce your tyre pressure.... Fiction!

Some people believe that reducing your tyre pressure can improve the traction of your tyre. In actual fact this can have the opposite effect, and potentially make things worse!

Avoid back roads... Fact!

This is common sense - busier, bigger roads are used more and are more likely to be gritted. this is obviously safer to drive in.

Remove ice from your windscreen with hot water for fast results... Fiction!

This is a recipe for disaster! The most likely thing to happen is that your windscreen will crack and you face an unexpected bill to replace it. Try using a frost cover the night before, or failing that, it's time for the trusty scraper and some de-icer!

Clear snow from your roof and windscreen before you set off.... Fact!

It may be time consuming but it's a must - if you don't, you risk a fine from the police as it contravenes the Highway Code. You have been warned!

Open frosted windows to clear them.... Fiction!

This may seem like a good idea but it can actually damage the motor for the windows as they struggle to open, or even damage the trim around the window itself. De-icer, the defrost setting on your car heating system and a bit of time is really the best solution.

Winter tyres are a good investment... Fact!

They're fantastic for driving in colder conditions. The rubber that they're manufactured from is much more effective in the cold and their specific tread means they grip to the road much better than all-weather tyres.

Stay ahead on safety while you're driving this Winter. 

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