McCarthy Cars shares the 5 common problems when buying a used car
10th November 2016
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It's common knowledge that shopping around for a great used car will ultimately mean you get better value for money. When you buy a brand new car, its value can drop by as much as 20 percent as soon as it's driven off the forecourt. So it makes sense to let someone else take that hit, rather than you!

However for many drivers it's not just about the money, or the value of the car. Some actively avoid buying a used cars because they feel it's too risky - there could be a whole host of problems that come with a car that isn't completely new.

The wonderful McCarthy Cars in Croydon share with us the 5 most common problems people experience when they buy a used car - and why you can be sure that you'll never encounter them at McCarthy Cars.

How do you know it's rightfully theirs to sell?

Buying privately can be a risky business. There's always the possibility that the car is still subject to outstanding debt or even stolen. You could find that despite having parted with your hard earned cash, you're not the legal owner.

Not at McCarthy Cars. Each car they sell is subjected to a full HPI background check to ensure it's legally available for resale. Not only that, they include an NMR Mileage Check so you can be sure that all the information displayed about the car is 100 percent accurate.

Is it the best value?

Finding the same make and model you've just bought at a significantly reduced price somewhere else is soul destroying.

With competitive regional rates at McCarthy Cars this is highly unlikely. What's more, with flexible finance plans offering low deposit and low monthly payment options they're incredibly difficult to beat. 

Repair disputes

Picture the scene: you've owned your used car for a few months only to discover it has a major fault that must be rectified. Think of how that could affect your savings?

A used car from McCarthy Cars is thoroughly checked by their highly qualified technicians, so you can be sure you know exactly what you are getting. They're also members of which means they subscribe to a rigid set of service and repair standards that protect you in the case of any unforeseen faults.

Sky high insurance

Some drivers could try to hide damage or records of a serious accident when selling their car, and this can seriously affect your insurance premium. 

With rigorous performance and thorough background checks and tests McCarthy Cars can detect even the most subtle signs of damage. They're also recognised by most major nationwide insurers, all of which gives greater peace of mind.

No warranty - no peace of mind?

You don't get a warranty with a private sale. Even if you buy from a dealer, their prices they show generally aren't inclusive of a warranty either.

At McCarthy Cars, every single one of our cars comes fully serviced with an MOT and a RAC Parts and Labour warranty as standard. You get total peace of mind when you make your used car purchase with them.

These are just some of the many benefits you get when you buy a used car from McCarthy Cars in Croydon!

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