McCarthy Cars share the secret to getting the best deal for your used car.
24th June 2016
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For some people the thought of having to negotiate for something they want to purchase and secure the very best deal they can - whether it's a holiday or a used car - is a daunting one.

Are you happy to haggle?

What amount do you offer at first without coming across as insulting?

Are you certain that you're not paying over the odds for your purchase?

McCarthy Cars knows that getting the best deal takes just a little bit of work, but it can definitely be worth it. You'd like to approach the process with a degree of confidence and some basic knowledge, but equally you'd like to walk away feeling like you've got a good deal. 

It's actually not too difficult to do and can reap dividends. McCarthy Cars have highlighted some simple actions that you can take to maximise your deal, and they include:

  • Set yourself a budget & stick to it
  • Do some used car research
  • Time your buy right for the best deal
  • Let your confidence show when you're negotiating
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