McCarthy Cars handy checklist before setting off on a long journey.
6th September 2016
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When you're setting off on a long trip there's a huge checklist of things to cover off before you leave - cancelling those regular deliveries for milk & newspapers, turning on the burglar alarm and making sure you're recording your favourite TV shows!

But there are also some very simple checks that you can make on your vehicle before you leave that should help ensure it's in great working order for the journey.

McCarthy Cars have their top 5 tips that they've shared with us - so we're sharing them with you!

  1. Fuel - it's obvious right? But you wouldn't believe the number of people who head off without a full tank. Not only would you not want to find yourself running on empty when you're in some isolated location but in most cases, motorway petrol stations charge more for fuel, so you may even save yourself a few pennies. 

  2. Oil - this is also incredibly important, especially when you're heading off on a long drive. Checking your oil level is a quick & easy process. If your oil level is too low it means you'll be running on an engine that isn't properly lubricated engine, which can cause long-term damage.

  3. Windscreen washer fluid - more time on the roads means running into more bugs on that windscreen so your windscreen washer fluid should be full before you leave. A windscreen that's clear and free from grime is vital when you're driving.

  4. Tyres - worn tyres are dangerous, that's the bottom line. They just don't function properly and could be a real safety hazard to everyone on the road. So double check the tread to ensure it's within legal limits and always check the pressure of each tyre.

  5. Lights - It's easy to forget to ensure that your lights are all working properly, especially if you set off in daylight. Before you head off, double check that your headlights and brakes are in working order. It's a simple matter of safety.

If you just run through these simple tips before you leave then it's much more likely that your journey will certainly begin as stress-free as possible and it will also help extend the life of your vehicle.

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