Man jailed for assault on Croydon enforcement officer
23rd May 2012
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Man jailed for assault on Croydon enforcement officer


Zulkar Ahmed, owner of Autocare Accident & Service Centre on Ferry Road, Cardiff, was jailed on Thursday 17th May 2012 for 12 weeks for assaulting enforcement officer Robert Marshall while he was executing a High Court writ at Ahmed’s premises.


Marshall works for Croydon-based High Court Enforcement Officers firm The Sheriffs Office, who were featured in the recent BBC series The Sheriffs Are Coming. He attended Ahmed’s company on 2nd February this year, to enforce a High Court writ. After Marshall had confirmed that Ahmed was the defendant named on the writ, he advised that he was there to recover payment or seize goods.


Ahmed immediately grabbed Marshall’s arm. As Marshall started to call the police, Ahmed punched him, ripped off his head-cam and knocked his phone to the floor. Then Ahmed locked his head under his arm, which started to cut off his air supply. While trying to break the strangle hold, both fell to the floor at an angle.


Marshall later said “I felt a huge searing pain shooting through my back and down my legs. I was unable to move my legs or arms because of the intense pain. Mr Ahmed still had me in a neck lock and was squeezing harder and I could feel myself starting to pass out. He was shouting "I will snap your neck". As I staggered out of the office I managed to grab my phone off the floor and call 999.”


At hospital it was confirmed Marshall had ripped back muscles and bruised vertebrae.


David Carter, Managing Director of The Sheriffs Office, confirmed that violent attacks on officers are becoming more commonplace:


“Enforcement has always been a difficult job, but it does seem to be getting more dangerous. Just last month one of our officers was attacked with a carving knife and, while he was cut badly on the face, narrowly avoided being stabbed in the stomach.


“This is unacceptable – our enforcement officers are simply executing writs that have been granted by the High Court. The officer does not decide the rights or wrongs of any case – the judge does that.”


After seeing the video evidence of the assault, Ahmed changed his plea to guilty of resisting and obstructing an enforcement officer, an offence under the Criminal Law Act 1977, and was given a 12 week custodial sentence.



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