Make Your Dubai Desert Safari Memorable With These Fun Activities
15th March 2019
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Dubai, with its glitzy architecture, is an awe-inspiring holiday destination. While there are so many things to see and experience in this emirate, it is the Dubai desert safari that attracts hordes of visitors to give up the larger-than-life architecture and historical attractions and head out to the heart of the desert for some thrilling experience.

 The Dubai desert safari has become so popular that most visitors believe that their tour of Dubai is incomplete without experiencing the safari. So, if you have planned a trip to Dubai, make sure the travel itinerary includes a safari. You needn’t worry, as you can indulge in the following fun and thrilling activities to make your trip into the desert memorable.

Catch the Beauty of the Morning Sunrise

Living in cities and concrete jungles, people have forgotten how a sunrise looks. In the unpolluted desert, with no dust and exhaust fumes, the horizon as clear and as the sun rises, be ready to get mesmerized by the most beautiful spectacle of your life. The orange and pink hues of the sky coupled with the fiery yellow of the sun at dawn will leave you yearning for more.

Get an Adrenalin Rush with Dune Bashing

If you have never gone dune bashing, use your tour of Dubai to experience it. It is an exhilarating and thrilling feeling to ride a 4X4 SUV in the Arabian Desert. As the wind whips up the sand, and as the vehicle navigates the shifting sand dunes, you realize why this sport is so popular. You will definitely get your dose of adrenalin rush with this unique adventure.

Enjoy a Ride on a Ship of the Desert

Going on a desert safari means going on a camel safari of the desert. The ride is just too good to give it a miss. You will traverse the desert on a camel’s back and explore the desert and also get to see desert wildlife. You can even enjoy a falcon demonstration as a part of your camel safari.

Master the Sloping Sand Dunes on Skis

If you have gone skiing on snow-covered slopes, you already know the thrill of skiing. However, if you are new to skiing, use the desert safari to enjoy the unique experience of sand skiing. With sand dunes plunging 200 to 300 meters, it will exhilarate to glide down these dunes on your ski. It is one of the most sought-after activities during a Dubai desert safari.

Maneuver Around the Desert on a Quad Bike

In case you have never ridden a quad bike, now is the perfect opportunity to do so. As you take curves around the sand dunes and explore the desert, your desert safari will transform into an adventure of a lifetime. This is perhaps one of the most thrilling activities during the safari and visitors love it.

Get a Bird’s Eye View of the Desert

If you are up for more adventure, go hot air ballooning. It gives a 360-degree view of the desert and makes you realize the vastness of the Arabian desert. The hot air balloon can accommodate up to 24 people at a go, and you will experience an excitement as the air drifts take you across the skies to offer spectacular views. Be sure to bring your binoculars along as you will be able to spot camels and gazelles during your ride.

 Enjoy a Spectacular Sunset

If you think that the sunrise in the desert is the most beautiful and surreal experience you have ever had, wait until you see the sunset. It will leave you hypnotized as the orange and pink hues of the skies will leave you in awe. It is quite stunning to see the fiery ball of orange disappear behind the sand dunes.

Toe-Tapping Performances

Going on a Dubai desert safari is not only about adrenalin rush. It is also an opportunity to enjoy entertainment as you sit around a bonfire in the company of family and friends. Be prepared to be enamored by exotic belly dancers and fire eaters. Sitting under the starry sky and watching performances of local artists can be a relaxing and fun experience. This is also the time you will be enjoying some lip-smacking fare. As a part of the safari, you will be served kebabs, hummus and numerous Lebanese and Iranian dishes to satiate your hunger and take you on a gastronomic adventure. You will enjoy these dishes as you watch the performers.

 Marvel at the Stars

If you happen to be going on an overnight desert safari, you will get the opportunity to indulge in stargazing. While the nights in the desert are cold and windy, it will not detract you from marveling at the clear skies and seeing the stars twinkling and glowing like never before.

 These are some of the fun activities that await you during a Dubai desert safari. So, go ahead and plan your Dubai Tour and make the safari one of the best moments of your Dubai holiday.

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