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14th April 2012
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luddite:  one who fears technology or new technology, as seems pleased with how things currently are.  Generally claims things were "just fine" back in the day and is resistant to replace or update failing equipment/software/computers on the basis they were just fine 10 years ago.
The task of implementing a new software system is often as much about managing change in the workforce, as about changing the technology. 
Firstly, it's critical to understand the individual work processes and responsibilities to ensure the new technology is a good match.  Communicating early and often with users goes a long way in avoiding costly and ineffective implementation problems. 
In terms of change management, what you do is less importnant than how you do it.  Discovering how people choose to network and share information, thus finding the right collaboration tools for each business, makes the difference between failure and success (adapted from                                
zebra IT agrees that a successful project implementation is one that aligns with a company's priorities and creates value.  We will always discuss your requirements first and then propose the optimum solutions, so

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