Lose the stress - lose the weight
14th April 2012
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Lose The Stress - Lose The Weight! by The Retreat in Caterham

It's official! Stress causes your body to release excess cortisol - the stress hormone, and when cortisol levels are high, your appetite increases and you are more likely to develop abdominal fat. The good news is that once you reduce your stress levels, the weight will drop off!

In a US study, 30 stressed out women spent 6 weeks doing simple relaxation techniques for 30 mins a day, eg. meditation combined with normal eating and they lost weight without dieting or exercise. Now scientists at Bristol University have discovered that a lack of sleep increases grehlin - the hunger hormone by 15% and reduces leptin - the appetite suppressing hormone by 15%, so a sleep deficit can also make you put on weight!  

The Answer: Relaxation!  A massage and light excercise, eg. walking outdoors, can help decrease cortisol, plus 7-8 hours sleep a day will help to shed those unwanted pounds...

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