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19th May 2008
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Good afternoon,

I have just discovered that The Best of Croydon blog is already top of the search when you look for 'blog Croydon' on Google! Great achievement!

This blog is all about communication with our local community in and around the London Borough of Croydon. It is informal, quick, convenient and best of all, FREE!

Whether you are familiar with blogging or not already, it is something all business do have to get involved with as it is taking off big time.

A blog is similar to an online diary, where somebody might log on to read what the author thinks about issues of the day. There are blogs dedicated to all kinds of subjects, from designer shoes to shoe-string travelling. The Best of Croydon blog is dedicated to all things local to Croydon!

If it is happening in Croydon, it will be on the blog. It isn't news, it's opinion. So it will be more than the dry facts, giving you, the reader, a more entertaining experience. It won't all be written by us though; we already have a couple of great writers on board who are going to blog about their areas of expertise.

If you know of anyone who is involved in local sport, or the local music scene, and you think they might be interested in writing a regular piece for the blog, then we'd be very happy to hear from them; please ask them to send us an email to croydon@thebestof.co.uk.

From a company's perspective, the blog can be used for public relations, brand recognition and local marketing.

If there is something blog-worthy about your business / your life / your community that you would like to be written about, please email us at croydon@thebestof.co.uk and if you can think of anyone who'd like to contribute to the blog, please put us in touch.

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