Lighter dining - fab options at Bagatti's in Croydon!
2nd May 2017
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We're in the midst of the annual cycle: as the weather's got warmer so our appetites have moved from hearty Winter dishes of soups and stews to lighter meals like salads.

This is all very well when we're in control of the cooking ourselves, but sometimes when we're dining out, the choices can be much more limited.

Not at our favourite Italian restaurant in Croydon: Bagatti's!

First of all, there's the option to dine al fresco which is wonderful when the weather is warm - just make sure you get there early enough to bag one of the outdoor tables!

The menu itself though makes it very difficult to choose, there are just so many delicious dishes. There's not a boring salad in sight!

To start, a fab option is the smoked salmon parcels filled with crab meat garnished with asparagus, finished off with a lemon and chive dressing. 

My go-to is the sea bass fillets with tomato & mango salsa, rocket and crushed new potatoes. So tasty but filling too.

If, like me, you struggle not to choose their pasta - it's just too good - then the spaghetti all vongole is the lighter option that won't leave you feeling like you've eaten too much. And you can even go gluten free with their pasta, which is perfect for those people with allergies.

And to round off the meal with something to sate your sweet tooth, you couldn't do much better than the Lemon Ripieno, a scooped out lemon filled with lemon sorbet.

So try all of these and more at Bagatti's this Spring and Summer. Don't miss out on the annual South End food festival too - a day of fab food and fun activities in Croydon's South End on 25th June!



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